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My original Uuni Hints and Tips page was getting quite long winded and I wanted to tidy it up. Uuni changing their name to Ooni meant I had the ideal opportunity to start again and make it easier to update. So here we go – Ooni Blog!

How did I end up with an Ooni pizza oven?

When I bought my Weber gear I tried to do pizzas on a pizza stone in the grill and whilst it was OK, it was never a great pizza. I went on to buy the Weber pizza oven attachment which was better but it took an incredible amount of effort to get it hot enough, burnt a lot of fuel, took ages to cook each pizza and didn’t cook the top or crust the sides properly.

I was playing with the idea of buying a proper Italian pizza oven when I noticed Ooni on Kickstarter. It looked cool and quite different, they had some great pictures of pizzas but I wasn’t convinced it could be as easy as they said it was. Gradually, more and more folk in the BBQ community were buying Ooni pizza ovens and raving about how easy they were to light, use and cook with but posting pictures of awesome looking pizzas. I placed my order! (It is as easy as they say it is and the results are awesome!.)

Ooni Pro:

Ooni Pro – Unboxing

Ooni Pro – Lighting the fire

Ooni Pro – Maintaining the fire

Ooni Pro – Pellets

Ooni Pro – Gas

Ooni Pro – Review (in progress!)


Ooni 2S:

Lighting the Ooni 2S

Ooni 2S – Maintaining the fire

Ooni 2S – Gas


Ooni 3:

Differences between the Ooni 2S and the Ooni 3

Lighting the Ooni 3

Ooni 3 – Maintaining the fire

Ooni 3 – Gas

Ooni 3 Review


Additional Kit:

Pizza Books

Pizza Ingredients

Cast Iron Cooks – FAQ

Additional Equipment



Making Pizza Dough

Pizza Sauce


Making the Pizza

Cooking the Pizza

Click the picture below to see all my Pizza cooks to date:

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza


Click the picture below to see all my Dessert cooks to date:

Ooni Dessert

Cast Iron Cooks:

Cast Iron Cooks – FAQ

Click the picture below to see all the Cast Iron cooks to date:

Ooni Sizzle pans


Click the picture below to see all the bread cooks to date:

Ooni Bread


This is the original Uuni hints and tips page which I won’t develop any further, everything useful will be available from this page:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs




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