Ooni 2s and 3

Differences between the Ooni 2S and the Ooni 3

Differences between the Ooni 2S and the Ooni 3:

Quite often I get asked this question: “What are the differences between the Ooni 2S and the Ooni 3?”

Here is a picture of my Ooni 2S when it lived outside and when it was still shiny! 4 legs, one on each corner. Pellet tray in the back, temperature adjustment and pellet top up through the funnel at the back.


OoNI 3:

Here is a picture of the Ooni 3 (Right) next to the 2S (Left).


Major differences on the 3 are:

  • It has 3 legs rather than 4 (2 at the front, 1 at the back in the middle)
  • The chimney clips on to the body rather than twists and locks in
  • The back end tapers down slightly, 
  • The pellets are “housed” in an almost seperate box attached to the back.
  • The pellet funnel is square rather than round and is a bit lower.
  • Temperature adjustment is done by altering a screw that alters pellet flow.
  • You get a flame guard to stop your pizzas hitting the lit pellets and to control the fire a little.

This shows the new pellet box on the back of the Ooni 3:

Uuni 3 pizza

Here is a picture of the back of the Ooni 2 – I apologise for the state of it but it’s lived a very busy life and was outside for 2 years too!

Uuni 3

Here is the back of the Ooni 3. Notice the sloped back and set back pellet tray.

Uuni 3

Back to back comparison.  Uuni 3Lighting the Ooni 3 is a little easier than the 2s.

Lighting the Ooni 2s:

Not overly difficult on the 2s, I just slide a flamer under the pellets.uuniLighting the Ooni 3:

Bit easier on the Ooni 3, just place the flamer in with the pellets, light it and slot it back into the Ooni.Uuni 3 pizza

The pellet hopper is square on the Ooni 3 and round on the Ooni 2s. I find it easier to fill on the 3 as it’s at a better height and easier to access so I tend to spill less pellets when filling up too.


I might have imagined it but I think the Ooni 3 heats up quicker than the 2s and I think it stays hotter easier as well. The flip side is that it feels like it burns through more pellets but if that’s the price to hit temp and maintain it then so be it!

Buying the Ooni 3:

You can buy the Ooni 3 here:

Or directly from Ooni themselves.



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