Thuros T1 Accessories

Thuros T1 Accessories:

The Thuros T1 is incredibly versatile as there is a large range of accessories available for it including:

– Skewer kit
– Wind deflector (with warming grill)
– Rotisserie
– Flat lid (for storage)
– BBQ Hood
– Water bath
– Smoker

From this list I have the Skewer kit, BBQ Hood and Water bath so will go into more detail on these.

Skewer Kit:

The Skewer Kit was the accessory I was most looking forward to using with the Thuros T1. I have seen a lot of cooks done with these over the years and felt this accessory would be a massive help to me.

The Skewer kit comes with a square stainless steel skewer holder that sits on top of the grill and you get six skewers also. These are high quality, thick and heavy skewers too.

It’s quite embarrassing that it took me a few goes to discover this but any rotation of the skewers is immediately locked into place. To start with I was rotating the skewers and resting them on top of the metal but instead you just rotate them in position and they lock in place! Makes it a lot easier to rotate your cook by any amount for equal cooking.

These were some crevettes and chorizo cooked on the skewers. You can see the swirls on the skewer which helps rotate them.


Some chicken cooking, gives a better view of the skewer and rack.

Dutch West Indian Chicken Kebabs

The skewer kit is around £40 which is a bargain, I think it’s a must have accessory for the Thuros T1.

BBQ Hood:

The BBQ Hood is a lid for your Thuros T1 so you can regulate the temperature better but also recirculate the heat to cook your meal quicker and more evenly.

The hood feels like another good quality bit of kit. It’s made from the same stainless steel as the T1 grill and includes a sturdy handle, temperature gauge and adjustable vent.

I have used it on a few cooks but especially when cooking hot dogs:

126/18: Spuntino Eagle Rock Dogs

Water Bath:

The water bath is an interesting idea. You can use it to add aromatics when cooking fish dishes or you can use it to create an indirect heat zone in the grill.

When I cook sausages I cook them slowly over an indirect heat zone to save burning the outside whilst the insides are still raw. The water bath lets you split the grill surface in two and cook the sausages over the water bath so they cook slowly. Combined with the BBQ Hood you can place the vent over the sausages so the heat is pulled over the sausages and out the vent. Great combination!

This is the water bath in position:

This is with the sausages cooking over the water bath:

You can see how little charcoal was required for that cook, seriously impressive!

I can’t find it on Amazon but a quick Google search should find it for around £35.

Wind Deflector:

The wind deflector sits on top of the grill and stops the wind hitting the coals or blowing dust/sand onto your food. It also provides additional slots to raise the height of the grill to slow down a cook or just use the included smaller rack to keep food warm once cooked to temperature.

I think if you are cooking outside or at the beach this would be pretty handy. It would also be useful to have a higher grill position to slow a cook down or hold a finished cook whilst cooking some side dishes on the main grill.


The Rotisserie looks really cool, it’s small as it spans the 30cm grill surface but is big enough and powerful enough to spin and cook a whole chicken!

I haven’t seen the rotisserie for sale on its own, only bundled with the Thuros T1 grill. I am sure David Hughes can hook you up with one if you already have the T1 grill though.

Packaged with the Rotisserie is the Wind Deflector which holds the rotisserie in place. You can buy the rotisserie without the wind deflector if you already have one. Again, David Hughes can help you.

Flat Lid:

The flat lid is designed to be used for keeping rain out of the grill when it’s not in use. It’s a flat lid to help with storage by keeping the space required to a minimum.

Smoker Attachment:

This is very exciting as it takes the T1 grill and BBQ hood then adds in a smoker body that sits on top of the grill with the BBQ Hood on top.

In this configuration you can hot smoke or cold smoke food using the 2 racks provided. There is also a 3rd level at the top which can be used for hanging meat.

This video explains it quite well:

I am hoping to get my hands on one of these as we are now approaching the colder months and it’s time to start curing/smoking bacon and smoking cheese, butter and garlic again. With such a small footprint this will make overnight cold smoking a lot easier.

So many possibilities for this grill, impressive range of accessories.



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