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Ooni Cast Iron Cooks – FAQ

Ooni Cast Iron Cooks – FAQ:

Whilst the pizzas you can cook in the Ooni Ovens are fantastic the dishes you can cook in the Cast Iron pans are beyond incredible!

Main advice for cast iron is heat it up first and use minimal oil as it will flare up.

Steak, lamb chops and fajitas are some of my favourite cooks on cast iron pans so far:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

BBQ122/17: Rack on Black

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

Ooni sell a range of different cast iron pans with some recent new additions:

The Ooni Sizzler: 

25cm x 14cm and made from cast iron. Perfect for meat, seafood or veg.

Also available direct from Ooni for £27.50 plus delivery.

The Ooni Grizzler:

31cm x 16cm, made from cast iron and features a griddle style cooking surface to add grill marks to your cook. Also good for meat and veg.

Also available direct from Ooni for £27.50 plus delivery.

The Skillet Pan:

42cm x 25cm and 4cm high. It’s listed as a 9 inch pan (22cm) so guessing it’s 22cm diameter and a 20cm handle. Made from cast iron and weighing 2KG. It looks great! I have a 12″ Lodge cast iron pan which is a bit too big for some cooks so a smaller, 9 inch pan would be ideal.

Also available direct from Ooni for £27.50 plus delivery.

The Casserole Dish:

25cm x 15cm x 10cm, made from cast iron with a 3 litre capacity and weighing 3.1KG. This would be ideal on the Ooni Pro for longer cooks like stews, casseroles or pit beans.

Ooni Casserole

It’s only sold with the Sizzler pan currently and the combined price is £52.50 direct from Ooni.

Other Cast Iron:

Cast Iron is Cast Iron so pretty much whatever you buy will work, they will all withstand the heat and produce similar results. However, the handles on the cheaper ones are next to useless so you will have to use welding gloves to move the cast iron dishes which is not without risk. If in doubt pay the extra for the Ooni branded ones as the handles are ace on them.

The branded Ooni kit is good quality but if you are looking for cheaper cast iron here are some examples:

I started off with the two pans above before I got my Ooni Grizzler pan.

Cast Iron Cooks: 

All of my cast iron cooks can be seen by clicking the picture below:

Ooni Sizzle pans



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