BBQ122/17: Rack on Black

BBQ122/17 – Rack on Black:

Rack on Black? I had never heard of it until Rob Sisk dropped me a DM suggesting I look up the recipe and cook it. It’s a deboned Rack of Lamb wrapped with Black Pudding! I am so grateful to Rob for getting in touch because it was a fantastic meal!

The Meat:

I recently had a whole Shetland Lamb delivered from Richard Briggs, a wonderful product available at a great price. With 2 racks of lamb in the freezer I wanted to use them for this dish. The whole lamb was £90 delivered.

My recent delivery from Puddledub Pork also had a whole black pudding stick included. My kids love black pudding so we get through quite a lof of it! I hadn’t had the Puddledub black pudding for a whole and wanted to try it in this dish. 1.7kg for £12.99.

The Prep:

I have been trying to learn how to cut/butcher meat lately so I planned to remove the bones from the rack of lamb. I had a look online and couldn’t see anything of much use for what I wanted to do. Most videos were showing how to french trim the joint rather than fully debone. In one of Scott Rea’s videos he showed how to remove the chine bone with a saw. I was a bit nervous trying that as the racks were quite small so I thought I ran the risk of damaging the meat or myself!

I was a bit nervous in the build up because I wasn’t sure quite how to do it and knew I had to keep a good bit of the skin/fat intact to roll over the black pudding.

On the first rack I used my Victorinox boning knife and slowly cut round the eye of the meat to remove the chine bone. I then cut down from the top of the rack pushing the knife against the bone to save as much meat as possible. This was quite hard so the next time I again removed the chine bone but then I worked upwards slowly peeling and rolling the meat away from the bones. The 2nd method was much simpler and left less meat on the bones. It wasn’t easy but I would be more confident next time and hopefully leave less meat on the bones!


The black pudding is a big old beast. I measured the length and sliced it then I cut it in half lengthways and again into quarters. Because the rack and meat were quite small I was aiming to have the black pudding about the same size as the meat so I could roll the fat over. With the fat rolled over I practiced my Scott Rea style butchers knots still not perfect but definitely getting better!


I wrapped the meat in clingfilm and put it in the fridge overnight.

The Cook:

As it’s lamb it had to be Oxford Charcoal Beech used for the cook! Once the chimney was lit I poured the charcoal into baskets at one end of the grill. I put the lamb onto the cooler side, fat side down for the first 5 minutes just to check nothing flared up. I dropped some cherry chips onto the charcoal to add some smoke. The recipe suggested 15 to 18 minutes for medium at 200c. I left it 5 minutes and checked back.


Everything looked fairly calm so I turned the meat around and moved it over the direct heat.


5 minutes later the fire was flaring up a bit so I moved it out the cooler side.


After 18 minutes the internal temperature of the meat was at 58c so it was time to take it off and rest it.



During the cook the meat has pulled back a bit but the black pudding has kept it’s shape/size.


Time to Eat:

I left the meat to rest about 10 minutes and then it was time to slice it.


Thankfully it was nice and pink inside, just how I wanted it!




What a fantastic dish this was. The lamb and the black pudding work really well together, I could have kept eating it all night! The Shetland lamb was great quality as always, very tender and full of flavour, slightly sweet tasting. The black pudding was good as well, I eat a lot of that! The fat on the lamb was slightly charred but as always that added to the taste for me and worked well with the rest of the dish.

Really enjoyed this one and will be doing it again for sure. Thanks again Rob!

Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Direct/Indirect
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Beech
Smoking Wood: Smokewood Shack Cherry
Cook temperature: 250C
Cook time: 18m and 10m rest
Internal temperature: 58c
Notes: 1: Trim the bones upwards from the eye of the meat.


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    1. Hi Martin, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I love the sound of that! I have deboned a couple of legs lately so will definitely give this a try 🙂

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