Ooni Fyra 12

Review: Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven

Review – Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven:

I bought my first Ooni (it was Uuni then!) pizza oven many years ago, it was the Uuni 2S and I was amazed at the quality of pizzas I could cook in it especially as it had only cost me £200!

There was a fairly steep learning curve to learn how to keep the fire running optimally and to cook your pizzas without burning them but after I while I was getting there! (usually with my wife helping!)

Then Ooni sent me the Ooni 3 Pizza Oven to cook with so I could update my blog with information about the new pizza oven, it was similar to the Ooni 2S but had evolved with new design features including a clip on chimney, upgraded hopper, set back and updated pellet tray.

This is my Ooni Blog:

Ooni Blog

To get the best out of the Ooni 3 I bought a jam funnel which helped stack loads of pellets up and reduced the number of times you had to refill. I also used a little USB powered fan to keep the fire roaring when cooking. Those two additions made it possible for me to make and cook the pizzas on my own. Folk with far greater skills than me managed without these items but they were a massive help to me!

This was my review of the Ooni 3:

Review: Uuni 3

Since the Ooni 3 I have been cooking on the Ooni Pro 16 which is just a glorious beast, I tend to cook on it on a Friday after work and I love drinking a beer waiting for the Oak to burn and get the oven up to temperature. Great way to end the working week!

Fast forward to February 2021 and Ooni contacted me to see if I would like to cook with the Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza oven so I could update my blog which still had info on the 2S and 3 ovens. I jumped at the chance!

Like the 2S and the 3, the Fyra is a 12″ Wood Pellet fired Pizza Oven and it weighs 10kg.

The Delivery:

The delivery included:

1- Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven – Link to Ooni Shop

2- Ooni Premium Pizza Oven Hardwood Pellets – Link to Ooni Shop

3- Ooni 12″ Perforated Pizza Peel – Link to Ooni Shop

4- Ooni Premium Natural Firelighters – Link to Ooni Shop

5- Ooni Fyra Carry Case – Link to Ooni Shop

6- Ooni Infrared Thermometer – Link to Ooni Shop

Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven

I was impressed with all the new branding and when I unpacked the Fyra it was a nice looking oven, the design was definitely a step up from the Ooni 3. There was minimal plastic waste in the box and the instructions to put it together were very good. I did manage to put the flame guard on incorrectly but about a hundred people on Facebook kept me right!

It took no time at all to put it together and run it for a test/burn off ahead of a planned cook. Legs folded out, chimney put together and slotted in, pellet chute pushed in, stone in place and flame guard in place.

The Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven

The oven runs on wood pellets only and the cordierite stone cooking surface is 12″ wide. The pellets go into a tray at the back and are topped up through a chute at the back. After each cook there is minimal waste and I didn’t see much ash on the pizza stone during cooks.

The oven weighs 10kg, has two folding legs at the front and one folding leg at the back. The door on the front has a handle in the middle and a little slot to check the flame action behind! 

Ooni Fyra 12


Time to fire it up: Partial scoop of pellets:

Ooni Fyra 12

Firelighters on top, use these if you can as it makes things a lot easier

Ooni Fyra 12

Before long a nice fire (and yes, the flame guard is in wrong! I moved it!)

Ooni Fyra 12

Nice and hot! This was about 15 minutes in. There is a damper on the chimney, I left it wide open on all cooks.

Ooni Fyra 12

First Cook:

Neapolitan Salami and Fire Roasted Peppers from the pizza book by Pizza Pilgrims
Made the dough the day before, 6 hours at room temp then into the fridge for 24 hours.
Fired up the Fyra with pellets, really easy to get to 500°C and also easy to keep the fire roaring.
The new peel was great, no rips or tears and the pizza was super tasty!
I really enjoyed this cook, I was very impressed with how easy to use the Fyra was. The pizzas came out looking (and tasting) great and it had been easy to fire up and use, no need to do any hacks – I just used it as is!

Ooni Fyra 12

I did my first reels on Instagram too for this one, more info below:

Second Cook:

The second cook was Aubergine Parmigiana

Again, I was really impressed with this oven. Great fun.
We had a Nutella Calzone at the end

Ooni Fyra 12

Ooni Fyra 12

The last Reels was popular so I made another one!

Third Cook:

This time it was Salsiccia e Friarielli.
Made the dough at lunch the day before. Caputo Pizzeria flour, mixed in the Famag IM5, balled and left at Room Temperature for 6 hours then into the fridge for 24 hours.
Sausage, garlic, white wine, chilli flakes and tender stem broccoli cooked in a pan then onto the pizza with Scamorza
This was a cracking pizza, lovely taste!
I wrote on Instagram that I really enjoyed cooking with the Fyra for this one.

Fourth Cook:

Next it was a Roast Mushroom and Truffle. This was a seriously tasty pizza, really impressed!
No pizza sauce – A layer of roast mushrooms, basil, parmesan, truffles and truffle oil.
Again, I wrote on Instagram how much I had enjoyed cooking on the Ooni Fyra 12 for this cook!
OOni Fyra 12

Fifth Cook:

Capricciosa Pizza next: Prosciutto cotto, artichokes, mushroom mixture and black olives. Such a great flavour combination, really enjoyed it!
Ooni fyra 12
Now, 5 cooks and I haven’t tested how portable it was yet?

Sixth Cook:

We took the new Motorhome away for a trip, time to test that carry bag!
It packed up quickly and easily into the carry bag. It didn’t take up much room in the garage space and was light enough to carry easily.
Ooni Fyra 12
Set up on the camping table:
Ooni Fyra 12
The Petromax cool box had all my pizza dough cold proofing, pizza sauce and the toppings plus a few beers!
Ooni Fyra 12
Time to light it:
Ooni Fyra 12
It was easy to light and up to temp in around 10 minutes
Ooni Fyra 12
I topped the pizzas with Properoni, not used it before and it’s very thin so caught near the end. Might be better to put it on part way through the cook. Tasty pizza considering I was cooking it in a forest with minimal kit with me.
Ooni Fyra 12
I really enjoyed this cook, was so handy to have a portable pizza oven with us. I was amazed we could eat top quality pizzas in the middle of a forest!


What’s my verdict on this then?
I normally like to cook on something for about a year before I write up a review but I have seen enough of this to know it’s a quality bit of kit that I am happy to recommend to people.
£249 for a portable pizza oven that lets you knock out top quality pizzas is a steal in my mind. 
Everything that was slightly difficult on the 2S and 3 is gone with this oven, one person can tend the fire and make/cook the pizzas with minimal effort. It really is a joy to cook with.
The new finish makes the oven look more modern, all of the accessories were really handy too and worth buying with the oven. 
Being able to transport it easily in a bag and cook away from home is just fantastic. I will be taking it away with us more often!
The Ooni Fyra runs on wood pellets only, if you want something even easier look at one of the Koda (gas) ovens or a Karu which can take a gas burner but to be honest this was easy enough for me.
To light the fire I just start with a small amount of pellets in the tray and add a firelighter (not two, one is enough). After a few minutes I slowly add more pellets, don’t do this too soon or too fast or you will smother fire. Slow and steady!
After a while the fire will be roaring, just keep it topped up and top it up when you take a pizza off, by the time you make the next one it should be ready to go again.
If anyone has any questions or feedback please message me and I will update this page!



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