Cheeseburger and Chips

Cheeseburger and Chips (+Others!)

Cheeseburger and Chips (+Others!)

I have been cooking some fairly elaborate and involved dishes lately but great food doesn’t need to be complicated. One of my favourite things to eat is a burger so this post is all about Cheeseburger and Chips!

Not so many cooks this week and three fairly simple ones. I had an exam at work on my last day before a week off so it was a busy old week without much time for cooking.

The Meat:

Aged Lincoln Red burgers from Butchery at Bowhouse. I got these as part of a box of mixed cuts from a Lincoln Red cow. When I saw the burgers I had to cook them!

Cheeseburger and Chips

The Cook:

I went to our local greengrocers to get some pumpkins with the kids and spotted he had corn on the cob which I haven’t seen for a while so I bought a few!

Full chimney of lit charcoal into the Napoleon Pro 22. A few outer leaves stripped off the corn then placed over direct heat. Cast Iron pan also over direct heat for the burgers.

Cheeseburger and Chips

The grate was dropped to it’s lowest level to get the pan to a good heat. Burgers salted then straight into the pan.

Cheeseburger and Chips

The corn took about 5 minutes per side, it was smeared with butter afterwards.

Cheeseburger and Chips

Time to Eat:

Buns toasted, cheap plastic cheese added once the burger was flipped and a basic burger sauce from tomato sauce and mayo. Burgers cooked to 55c internal to keep them pink and juicy.

Cheeseburger and Chips

This was a very easy cook, great for midweek but it was also one of my favourite dishes I have eaten lately. I like a simple burger, one you can eat easily and where you can taste the beef. I don’t want a burger that needs a knife and fork or one with loads of cold stuff in like tomato. This is perfect for me, maybe bacon on top sometimes too! Cheeseburger and Chips needs to be cooked more often though!


These burgers were fantastic, so tasty! I have a favourite burger place in London and I would say these tasted pretty close to those. Definitely buy more of these next time I am at Bowhouse!
Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22 
Cook Method: Charcoal
Charcoal: Globaltic
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 250°C
Cook time: 5 minutes
Internal temperature: 55°C
Notes: No major changes for this one

Also cooked this week:

What else was cooking in the shack this week?

Pistachio and Yoghurt Chicken Curry:

I have been cooking more curries lately and really enjoy them. As it gets colder I need to cook more to try and keep the cold away!

One of my favourite books is Made in India by Meera Sodha and this is one of my favourite dishes from the book. I forgot to keep back some pistachio to top the dish at the end so it should look a bit better than this. Tasted awesome though!

Pistachio and Yoghurt Chicken Curry

This recipe is from Made in India by Meera Sodha:

Pepperoni Pizza:

Friday nights have been pizza night lately, really nice to finish work, fire up the Ooni Pro and drink a beer to unwind as the working week ends!

These are Ash staves from Smokey Oak Barbecues, they lit easily, smelt fantastic and burnt hot but slow. Cracking.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni with hot honey.

Pepperoni Pizza

2nd one was the best I think

Pepperoni Pizza

3rd pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

Similar to the cheeseburger, this was a simple cook but again it was one of my favourite meals in a while. I need some more simple cooks I think!

The Ooni Pro is an awesome bit of kit, I really enjoy cooking on mine and get some great results. You can buy one from Ooni here: Shop Ooni Pro

That’s it for this blog post, some great cooks and a good week of eating! Until next time.

The books used in these cooks and equipment I recommend can be seen in my Amazon Store:

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