Cull Ewe Rump

Cull Ewe Rump (+Others!)

Cull Ewe Rump (+Others!)

A shorter blog post this week as I didn’t cook as often due to an exam for work needing loads of revision in the evenings. I passed the exam so normal service should now resume! Top post this week – Cull Ewe Rump.

The Meat:

You may have seen me cook a Cull Yaw rump before?

Cull Yaw Rump (+Others!)

Yaw is a term from Cornwall/Devon for Ewe and a Cull Ewe is an older female sheep sent to slaughter for a variety of reasons but usually it’s older and can’t have more lambs.

The Cull Yaw from On The Pass was unreal, totally blew me away. When I was ordering from Butchery at Bowhouse I saw they had Cull Ewe so wanted to try it. This rump cost £8.40 for 600g.

Cull Ewe Rump

When I first looked at it I didn’t think it was going to be big enough for the 4 of us. The kids never eat adult sized portions but I planned to pack it out with loads of veg.

The Cook:

Salted then cooked fat side down over direct heat in the Napoleon Pro 22 for a few minutes.

Cull Ewe Rump

Then flipped over for a few more minutes before flipping back to fat side down and moved to indirect heat. I went for fat side down to protect the meat from the heat and to render down the fat a bit. You can just see a whisky oak stave in the background, possibly a bit strong in smoke flavour for most people but I have loads of it to use and I love the smell!

Cull Ewe Rump

Meanwhile the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 was cooking the veg. Over the last few weeks I have mastered a fairly effort free method for cooking veg on a Sunday.

  • I don’t peel the potatoes, just cut them up, part boil them then roast
  • I don’t peel the carrots, just top and tail then into a pan with oil
  • The Leeks are sliced then into a pan with butter.
  • We were short on veg this week but I tend to use everything we have on a Sunday and follow the same theme for cooking it!

Cull Ewe Rump

Look at the colour of the meat!

Cull Ewe Rump

At 52°C I took it off and left it to rest whilst I kept an eye on the veg. Then it was time to slice………..nice and pink!

Cull Ewe Rump

Time to Eat:

Following the serving board theme from previous weeks I served everything up. Loved the look of this!

Cull Ewe Rump

The meat from a different angle.

Cull Ewe Rump

Really enjoyed all the Sunday roasts lately and this was another cracker!


The Cull Ewe rump was fantastic. So tender, very juicy and with a fantastic taste. An absolute bargain for £8 and we even had leftovers! I will definitely be buying this again.
Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22 and Napoleon Prestige Pro 825
Cook Method: Charcoal / Gas
Charcoal: Globaltic
Smoking Wood: Whisky Oak
Cook temperature: 275°C
Cook time: 50 minutes
Internal temperature: 52°C
Notes: No major changes for this one

Also cooked this week:

What else was cooking in the shack this week?

Pomegranate Molasses and Honey Glazed Meatballs:

Loving all the cooks from Simply by Sabrina Ghayour and when I saw this one in the book I had to cook it!

The beef mince was Lincoln Red from Butchery at Bowhouse. I bought the Lincoln Red box for £125 which had a vast range of cuts in, looking forward to working my way through it!

A quick dish to prepare and cook, this was the end result:

Pomegranate molasses and honey glazed meatballs

Served with the tomato and garlic rice.

Tomato and garlic rice

I really love this book, remember when Jamie’s 30 minute meals book was popular. This is 30 minute meals but with super tasty dishes!
The meatballs were fantastic, very tasty and the rice was awesome too. Will need to make rice like this more often!

This recipe is from Simply by Sabrina Ghayour:

Thai Red Curry:

Green curry last week, red curry this week!

Thai red curry

I always chose red curry over green curry, maybe because I think it’s going to be spicier? Taste wise this was great but the green curry had a lot more flavour. Nothing wrong with this at all but between the two I would choose green next time!
This recipe is from the Rosa’s Thai Cafe book:
That’s it for this blog post, some great cooks and a good week of eating! Until next time.

The books used in these cooks and equipment I recommend can be seen in my Amazon Store:

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