Roast Chicken Dinner

Roast Chicken Dinner (+Others!)

Roast Chicken Dinner (+Others!)

Difficult choice for the top post this week, two roast dinners in a week and both were awesome but the chicken just pipped it for presentation. Both tasted awesome but this was Roast Chicken Dinner!

The Meat:

Whole chicken from Fosse Meadows Farm, I buy all my chicken from here. Top notch!

Simple prep, rotisserie bar through the chicken, rubbed with rapeseed oil then some Maldon salt on top. Rotisserie baskets to the side and two chunks of cherry wood (mostly for colour).

Roast Chicken Dinner

The Cook:

Roast potatoes, red cabbage, green beans, brocolli and carrots into the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825. I have been cooking a lot of roast dinners on this lately, it’s massive so you can cook a lot at once, it’s close to the other grills so I can keep an eye on it and it doesn’t trash the kitchen!

Roast Chicken Dinner

Look at the colour on the chicken, the cherry wood does the hard work!

Roast Chicken Dinner

Time to Eat:

All served up on a massive board. I have been serving like this for a while now as it’s nice to put it in the middle of the table and let everyone help themselves. Has a bit of the wow factor too as you walk in with it!

Roast Chicken Dinner

Another cracking Sunday roast, loving being able to cook the veg on the big Napoleon 825. Hope the weather stays kind to me as we head into winter!


Chicken was fantastic as always, nice and juicy with a lovely taste you just don’t get from supermarket chicken.
Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22 and Napoleon Prestige Pro 825
Cook Method: Charcoal over Rotisserie / Gas
Charcoal: Globaltic
Smoking Wood: Cherry
Cook temperature: 275°C
Cook time: 50 minutes
Internal temperature: 70°C
Notes: No major changes for this one

Also cooked this week:

What else was cooking in the shack this week?

Roast Beef Dinner:

Two roast dinners in a week? Well, we had eaten a lot of meat on the Saturday with the brisket, pulled pork and hot links cook so I needed a smaller meal on the Sunday so pushed this into midweek!

Topside from Butchery at Bowhouse, seared on all sides in a Petromax cast iron pan on the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825. No smoke alarms going mad this way!

Roast Beef Dinner

Almost ready to cook

Roast Beef Dinner

Proper beef dripping for Yorkshire puddings

Roast Beef Dinner

The 825 was in disco mode!

Roast Beef Dinner

Beef in with the roast potatoes and parsnips

Roast Beef Dinner

My goodness!

Roast Beef Dinner

The end result, what a cracking looking platter. The beef came out perfectly.

Roast Beef Dinner

I really enjoyed this meal, roast beef is one of my favourites and the quality of the beef from Butchery at Bowhouse is fantastic.

Thai green curry

I used to cook a lot of Thai food and haven’t cooked any for ages, no more excuses – time to get back into it with the Rosa’s Thai Cafe cookbook

First problem solved was where to get kaffir limes from, the smell from the zest is unreal but I believe the EU has banned them from being imported from Thailand? Either way, I found some!

The finished dish!

Thai Green Curry

Honestly, this just blew me away. I haven’t cooked it for ages but it was so, so good! I am going to work my way through this book again!
This recipe is from the Rosa’s Thai Cafe book:

Goat Saltimbocca

Another great recipe from the Goat cookbook. Goat chops wrapped in prosciutto. My first time making confit potatoes too, OMG!

goat saltimbocca

Loved this meal, the saltimbocca was fantastic (there was a sauce but I was heavy handed and it’s not a great photo!) – The confit potatoes were unreal, so easy but super tasty. Will make those again!

This recipe is from Goat:

Baingan Masala:

I only have a photo of this cooking, bit slack with my photos this week! It’s a spiced aubergine dish from Zaika by Romy Gill. Cracking dish and really tasty.

baigan masala

This recipe is from Zaika by Romy Gill:
That’s it for this blog post, some great cooks and a good week of eating! Until next time.

The books used in these cooks and equipment I recommend can be seen in my Amazon Store:

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