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Ooni – Additional Equipment

Ooni – Additional Equipment:

Ooni – Addtional Equipment: I have cooked on my Ooni ovens quite a lot over the years and have accumulated a number of items which make the end to end process a lot easier. You don’t need anything else beyond the Ooni 3 and some pellets or the Ooni Pro, a peel and some charcoal but the items below are all things which have really helped me.

Lighting the Fire:

Charcoal for the Ooni Pro: My preferred charcoal is almost anything made in Britain from sustainable British woodlands. If you buy this kind of charcoal you will get something that is easy to light, maintains a steady heat, doesn’t spark and shouldn’t smoke too much. Have a look at Oxford Charcoal, Resilient Woodlands or Stag Charcoal but otherwise look at farm shops, garden centres and for local producers.Don’t buy anything from the petrol garage or the supermarket as it’s either instant light charcoal laced with an accelerant which will make your food taste of petrol or it’s going to be poor quality wood/charcoal sourced unsustainably.

Wood Chunks for the Ooni Pro: Hardwood chunks work best. I tried logs and kindling but the logs were too big so made it hard to maintain a consistent heat and flames. The kindling burnt too fast but also sparked up a fair bit. The chunks are best as it’s easy to add more as you make the next pizza, by the time you launch it the heat is back up and the flames are rolling.

Go for Oak, Alder or Sweet Chestnut. I have been using these:

The boxes are massive, full of chunks and last for ages.

Welding Gloves: The Ooni gloves are good but these heavy duty gloves allow you to hold cast iron dishes and move lit charcoal/wood around.

Flamers: These are natural firelighters made from wood shavings and wrapped into a ball. Easy to light and burn for ages, I haven’t found anything better to light the Ooni or my BBQ’s with yet.

Lighter: So simple to light the flamers with these as it’s a turbo flame and the long nose keeps your fingers from getting burnt.


Blow torch: I haven’t tested a Blow Torch to light the charcoal yet. I think it will be like the Looftlighter in that it will work fine but the charcoal will spark and risk my wooden hut! If you are outside and away from anything flammable give it a go.

Looftlighter: I have a Looftlighter which I use to start some of my BBQs and before I had the fan I used to use it to turbo charge the Ooni fire.

Maintaining the Fire:

Jam Funnel: This works for the 2S and the 3. Maintaining the fire in the Ooni takes a bit of concentration, you need to keep track of the pellet line, check the fire, check your stone temperatures and keep topping up. Sometimes, making and cooking the pizza takes a lot of concentration as well which can cause you to forget about the pellets and that leads to a temperature drop. The best way I have found to avoid this is to buy a Jam Funnel, add it on the pellet funnel and fill it with pellets. It keeps the fire roaring and you can see at a glance if it needs topping up or not. The beauty is it holds so many more pellets you don’t need to top up so often.

The Fan: Quite a few people on the Ooni community page are using fans to add a bit of oomph to their fire. I have been using my Looftlighter but they come with a fairly hefty outlay which can be justified if you are cooking on a number of different bits of kit but most folk might not want to lay out £50 for one. The fan I picked is rechargeable over USB, had good reviews and was pretty cheap. When it arrived it was fully charged ready to go. On and Off buttons plus a power button with 3 speed settings.

IR Gun: The IR gun is pretty essential to make sure the stone temperature is hot enough to start cooking on:


Pizza Ingredients:

Flour: Initially I used standard plain flour then moved on to 00 flour which was definitely an improvement but moving to the Molino Grassi 00 flour made a massive difference to my pizzas and I haven’t moved away from it yet. It’s sold in 1KG bags and you get 10 of them so it lasts a while!

A little update to that paragraph above, I recently tried some Caputo Red flour and I could feel the difference in the dough when I shaped the balls but it was also easier to stretch/shape and once cooked it looked and tasted better. It is more expensive than the Molino Grassi but I will be using this going forward.

This was the cook using that flour:

145/18: Caputo Red Pizzas

Yeast: After I changed the flour I then changed the yeast as well. Previously I had been buying standard dry active yeast sachets but moved to Saf Levure dry active yeast. It comes in a large 500g pot and lasts for ages. The difference in the pizza was noticeable as the dough seemed to rise better but also seemed easier to handle, stretch and shape. The cooked pizza also seemed to taste better as the dough was lighter and easier to eat.

Tomatoes: The next big change was in the sauce. Previously I had been buying tinned tomatoes from the supermarket but then bought some San Marzano tomatoes which did seem to produce a nicer tasting pizza sauce so I have continued to use them. As they are shipped in a tray of 12 I am usually fairly sure I have tomatoes in for every cook too!

Making the Dough:

Mixer: You can mix the dough by hand or you can make your life a lot easier with one of these!

Scales: Some of the measurements are quite precise so some good scales will make your life a lot easier. These are good, not too big and fairly cheap.

Rest/First Rise: Once the dough has been mixed I tend to leave it a while for a rest or the first rise. This 6 litre food container with a lid is ideal for the job and can fit in the fridge if you are cold proving.


2nd Rise/Proof: Once the dough has been balled and is ready for the 2nd rise or proof then I place them in these Food grade pizza dough trays. They are sold in packs of three and I usually end up with three dough balls in each of the first two trays with the third tray acting as a lid.

Cooking the Pizza:

Wooden Pizza Peel: Stops your pizza sticking when you launch it into the oven, needs minimal flour also. I wish I had bought one of these years ago as it’s a total game changer.

Houlker Flame Guard: This is only available in the UK and there are separate versions for the Ooni 3 and the Ooni Pro. It’s a great bit of kit that protects your pizza from the flames and pushes the flames up to the roof a bit also. Read my review of the Houlker Flame Guard here: 
Ooni 3

Cast Iron Cooks:

The Ooni Sizzler: 25cm x 14cm and made from cast iron. Perfect for meat, seafood or veg.

Also available direct from Ooni for £27.50 plus delivery.

The Ooni Grizzler: 31cm x 16cm, made from cast iron and features a griddle style cooking surface to add grill marks to your cook. Also good for meat and veg.

Also available direct from Ooni for £27.50 plus delivery.

The Skillet Pan: 42cm x 25cm and 4cm high. It’s listed as a 9 inch pan (22cm) so guessing it’s 22cm diameter and a 20cm handle. Made from cast iron and weighing 2KG. It looks great! I have a 12″ Lodge cast iron pan which is a bit too big for some cooks so a smaller, 9 inch pan would be ideal.

Also available direct from Ooni for £27.50 plus delivery.

The Casserole Dish: 25cm x 15cm x 10cm, made from cast iron with a 3 litre capacity and weighing 3.1KG. This would be ideal on the Ooni Pro for longer cooks like stews, casseroles or pit beans.

Ooni Casserole

It’s only sold with the Sizzler pan currently and the combined price is £52.50 direct from Ooni.


The Pizza Bible: This is such a great book, full of dough, sauce and topping recipes. Some of my best pizzas have come from this book.

122/18: Ooni Pro – Greek Pizza

Franco Manca: I only recently got this book so haven’t cooked from it yet but it’s another book full of dough, sauce and topping recipes. I am looking forward to cooking from it.

Pizza Pilgrims: I have had this book for ages, it’s got a lot of recipes in but only a few pizza recipes. The dough recipe in this book is really nice and I adapted their pizza donut ring recipe for this cook:

027/18: Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza

Fired Wood Oven Cookbook: Another book I only got recently. It has a lot of recipes in which I want to try in the Ooni Pro.

The Ultimate Wood Fired Oven Cookbook: As with the book above, I only got this recently but it also has a lot of recipes I want to try in the Ooni Pro.

 That’s it for now, as I find more things I will add them here!



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