Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza

027/18: Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza

027/18 – Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza:

I was having a look through the Pizza Pilgrims cookbook and spotted Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza – This had to go on the list!

The recipe gets you to shape your dough as normal then fold it over as a calzone but I found another recipe by Pizza Pilgrims online where you stretch the dough out long and quite thin then shape it as a donut. I thought the donut would cook better in the Uuni than the calzone so I went for that one!

The Dough:

I made the dough using the Uuni recipe linked here. It was left to prove for a couple of hours.

The Kit:

Uuni 3 with the gas attachment. Why gas? With the pellets my Uuni 3 runs at 550c which I thought would be a bit hot for these so to avoid burning them I went for gas. Also, I had cooked dinner on the BBQ and these were dessert so I was able to fire up the gas and leave it to warm up once dinner was ready. As soon as we finished eating I went out and cooked these.

The Prep:

The dough was stretched out long and thin rather than in the usual circle shape. Softened (Microwave) Nutella and Ricotta were placed on top. I rolled the top side over to the near side then pulled the ends together to form a donut.

Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza

The Cook:

Straight into the Uuni and about 90 to 120 seconds all in with regular spinning. With the gas it’s easier to spot the dough changing colour as it cooks due to the door being off!

Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza

Time to Eat:

More Nutella on top and dusted with icing sugar.

Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza

Slice through shot!

Chocolate and Ricotta Pizza


Cracking dessert, very easy to make, very easy to cook. Highly recommend it!


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