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Pizza Ingredients

Pizza Ingredients:

When I first started cooking on my Ooni 2S the Pizza Ingredients I used were standard items found in most supermarkets. After I started the blog and began keeping better notes I wanted to try and improve the quality and taste of my pizzas so started looking into different ingredients.

Initially I used standard plain flour then moved on to 00 flour which was definitely an improvement but moving to the Molino Grassi 00 flour made a massive difference to my pizzas and I haven’t moved away from it yet. It’s sold in 1KG bags and you get 10 of them so it lasts a while!

A little update to that paragraph above, I recently tried some Caputo Red flour and I could feel the difference in the dough when I shaped the balls but it was also easier to stretch/shape and once cooked it looked and tasted better. It is more expensive than the Molino Grassi but I will be using this going forward.

This was the cook using that flour:

145/18: Caputo Red Pizzas

After I changed the flour I then changed the yeast as well. Previously I had been buying standard dry active yeast sachets but moved to Saf Levure dry active yeast. It comes in a large 500g pot and lasts for ages. The difference in the pizza was noticeable as the dough seemed to rise better but also seemed easier to handle, stretch and shape. The cooked pizza also seemed to taste better as the dough was lighter and easier to eat.

The next big change was in the sauce. Previously I had been buying tinned tomatoes from the supermarket but then bought some San Marzano tomatoes which did seem to produce a nicer tasting pizza sauce so I have continued to use them. As they are shipped in a tray of 12 I am usually fairly sure I have tomatoes in for every cook too!

Red vs Blue?

The Molino Grassi flour above is similar to the Caputo red flour but is a bit cheaper than the Caputo red flour. I will buy some of the Caputo red flour and test it compared to the Molino Grassi flour.

You can also get Caputo blue flour which apparantly has a lower protein and gluten content than the Caputo red flour. I do have a bag to test so I will report back!

The Caputo red and blue 1KG bags have only recently become available on Amazon. Previously you could buy 25KG bags or single bags for quite a high price so it will be good to get some and test them.



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