Ooni 2S gas

Ooni 2S – Gas

Ooni 2S – Gas:

A question I see asked quite often is “Can you use the gas adapter on the Ooni 2S?” – Yes you can.

Which gas adapter?

There are currently two types of gas adapter available for the Ooni ovens.

– One for the Ooni 3 which is £48.99 from Lakeland or from Ooni themselves for £65. As stock gets replaced all retailers will sell for the same £65 price point.

– One for the Ooni Pro which is £48.99 from Lakeland or from Ooni themselves for £70. As stock gets replaced all retailers will sell for the same £70 price point.

For the Ooni 2S make sure you buy the Ooni 3 gas adapter as the Ooni Pro gas adapter won’t fit.

What gas do I need?

I hadn’t used gas before I got the Ooni gas adapter so it took a bit of reading to work out what I needed before I ordered an 11KG bottle of Patio Gas from Gas Deal for £54 delivered.

What is Patio Gas? It’s Propane.

What is the difference between Patio Gas and Propane? Patio Gas takes a clip on regulator and Propane requires you to screw the regulator in and tighten it with a spanner.

For ease of use and safety I would recommend Patio Gas.The regulator that comes with the gas burner also comes with a Patio Gas ready adapter too.

I bought an 11KG bottle as I wasn’t sure how long it would last but the bottle is massive and the gas has lasted ages so far. I would recommend the smaller 5KG bottles as they could fit under the Ooni on a table.

Fitting the adapter:

The pipe from the regulator can be quite hard to slot on to the gas burner. The easiest way to get it on is to drop the hose into boiling water for 2 minutes to soften it then push it onto the gas burner. It doesn’t need to go all the way on, just get it on as far as you can then tighten it up.

The gas adapter is easy to fit to the Ooni 2S. Just unscrew the pellet tray by using the allen key provided with the Ooni oven and/or the gas burner, pull the pellet tray out and slot the gas burner on then tighten the screws back up.

Uuni 2s gas

Lighting the Gas:

Chimney cap off, Ooni door off.

Clip the regulator onto the gas bottle, turn the gas dial on the bottle then push the dial in on the gas burner and twist left until the igniter clicks. Have a look from the front to check the gas has lit, if it hasn’t turn the dial back to the right and try again.

The first position at nine o clock on the dial is maximum power. The second position at six o clock on the dial is low power.

Uuni 2s gas


The gas burner isn’t marketed for use on the Ooni 2S because this oven has less insulation than the Ooni 3 so is harder to get to temperature with the gas burner. It does work but I haven’t been able to get it above 420C on the stone. This temperature will be fine for a lot of people who cook at 400C but I tend to cook hotter.

I had a bit of a play to see how to reach top temperature on the stone:

Time Temperature Config
12:57 0c Powered up – Door off, Chimney Cap off
12:59 207c “”
13:01 258c “”
13:03 300c “”
13:05 330c “”
13:07 343c Door off, Chimney Cap on
13:09 380c “”
13:11 395c “”
13:13 380c Door on, Chimney Cap off
13:15 390c Door propped slightly, Cap off
13:17 410c Door off, Cap on
13:19 420c “”

Uuni 2s gas

Ooni 2S Gas Cooks:

This blog post documents the pizzas I cooked on the Ooni 2S with gas:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

It was really interesting cooking on gas. It was a lot easier than pellets as the flames just run and you get to temp then pretty much leave it but maintain that same temperature. This leaves you able to focus on just building the pizzas and cooking them without having to maintain the fire and temperature.

I usually cook at 550c on pellets so 420c is quite a reduction in temperature. I couldn’t find any way to get the stone hotter even trying different combinations. As a result the pizzas were more baked than wood fired. You can see in the pictures the crust looks more like it’s been in a domestic oven rather than a pizza oven. There is no leoparding around the edge and underneath wasn’t overly fired either.

Don’t get me wrong, these pizzas are still a hundred times better than you can cook indoors or on a BBQ but I have made better ones using pellets. If you were cooking for loads of folk or just needed a hassle free cook the gas would be fine but I currently still prefer pellets.

If you are struggling with pellets try the jam funnel and fan, if that still isn’t working out for you then try gas as it is as simple as can be.



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