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Ooni – Making the Pizza

Ooni – Making the Pizza:

Ooni – Making the Pizza: My best advice here is to keep it simple. Less toppings means the base and the toppings should all cook evenly. Too much sauce can soak the base and cause it to tear and too many toppings can cause the base to burn before the toppings are cooked.

I have a stainless steel workbench in my BBQ hut which is big enough to line up the dough and ingredients plus it has space to stretch and shape the dough. Try to find an area which is large enough for you to have everything close by and is close to the Ooni pizza oven as you want to have the sauce on the dough outside the oven for as short a time as possible. Over time it soaks into the dough and can cause it to stick.

Rest the Dough: Always leave the dough to warm up for an hour or two before trying to shape it especially if it’s been in the fridge. Leaving it to warm up a bit will make it easier to shape and stretch.

Shaping and Stretching the Dough: This video by Ooni is fantastic and explains how to shape/stretch the dough really easily. Watch the video and copy Kristian!

Wooden Pizza Peel: With the Ooni 3 you get a metal peel and you can buy a metal peel for the Ooni Pro. My best advice is to buy a wooden peel for launching the pizza as it will make things so, so much easier as it stops your pizza sticking when you launch it into the oven, needs minimal flour also. I wish I had bought one of these years ago as it’s a total game changer.

It is possible to launch your pizza on the metal peel without it sticking but you will either need a mix of flour and semolina or just semolina. You don’t want too much flour/semolina either as too much will cause the base to burn. Not enough will cause it to stick though! A peel that isn’t clean or is still hot will also cause the dough to stick. For the sake of £10 just buy the wooden peel and avoid all these issues!

Raised Crust: Quite a few people ask me how to get the raised crust. As long as your dough is ok, when you start the shaping process and push down the dough just leave a bit of a rim on the outside. This will rise and create the raised crust.

Sauce: Get a big spoon and put a few spoons of sauce in the centre of the pizza then spread it around the pizza in circular motions. You don’t need a thick covering of sauce, keep it fairly thin and don’t push too hard in case you tear the dough.

Cheese: Have a read of the Pizza Cheese Page.

Toppings: Experiment and see what you like. Raw meat can be used if you put it on thinly enough. The pizza below was a raw sausage mix.

108/18: Pizza Bible Pizzas

Launching the Pizza: In the Ooni 3 I like to launch the pizza close to the door. I find you avoid burning the crust and/or toppings here but also develop better leoparding on the crust. On the Ooni Pro it’s so big I just launch into the middle.



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