Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

Ooni Pro – Maintaining the Fire

Ooni Pro – Maintaining the Fire: With the Ooni 2S and 3 there are a few tricks to keep the temperature up and the flames rolling such as the jam funnel and a fan. With the Ooni Pro it’s much easier to keep the flames going.

See the previous page for hints on which charcoal and wood to buy plus the best way to light the Ooni Pro:

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Once the charcoal is fully lit and the door temperature gauge is showing around 400C drop two wood chunks in the back.

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

Put the door hatch on and get the first pizza ready to launch.

Once the first pizza is out drop another wood chunk in the back and make the next pizza. By the time you are ready to launch, the flames will be rolling over the top of the Ooni Pro ready to cook the next pizza.

With a good base of charcoal and topping up the wood chunks before each pizza you can do four or five pizzas without topping up the charcoal. What I have started to do is after the fourth pizza I top up the charcoal, leave it five minutes then add more wood chunks. It’s a good opportunity to take a quick break, clean up your pizza station and get ready for pizza #5.

Ooni Pro


Buying the Ooni Pro:

You can buy the Ooni Pro from Amazon:

Or directly from Ooni themselves.



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