Ooni Pro Gas

Ooni Pro – Gas

Ooni Pro – Gas:

The Ooni Pro gas adapter is £48.99 from Lakeland or from Ooni themselves for £70. As stock gets replaced all retailers will sell for the same £70 price point.

Make sure you buy the Ooni Pro gas adapter and not the Ooni 3 gas adapter as the one for the 3 won’t work on the Pro.

Ooni Pro Gas

I don’t have the gas burner for the Ooni Pro but I have cooked on it at Ooni HQ. When using the Ooni Pro with gas make sure the pizza door is on.  Ooni Pro Gas

Great flame from the gas and the heat out the front was very high. I couldn’t stand too close to the front for long.

Ooni Pro Gas

This is Kristian with the pizza he cooked on gas.

Ooni Pro Gas

Looked and tasted awesome!

Ooni Pro Gas

This was the Pizza I cooked. It also tasted good and I loved the leoparding on the crust.

Ooni Pro Gas

I was impressed with how easy it was to cook on gas but also how good the pizzas looked and tasted at the end. I will get the gas adapter at some point and do some more cooks on it but the pizzas we cooked at Ooni HQ looked fantastic. The Ooni Pro was really hot out the front so maybe it’s a better burner than the Ooni 3 gas adapter or maybe it’s due to the increased space and insulation in the Ooni Pro? Either way, the gas adapter on the Ooni Pro was incredibly easy to cook on and produced fantastic results. If you are struggling with charcoal/wood or if you just want an easier cook, maybe when entertaining a lot of people then gas is a lot easier.



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