Recipes – Books: Not BBQ

Recipes I have cooked on the grill from books which aren’t traditional BBQ cookbooks:

Byron – The Cookbook:

Byron burgers are great and the book has all the recipes for their burgers, fries, milkshakes and desserts. 

Buy the book here:

BBQ41/17: @byronhamburgers Byron burgers

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Dennis the Prescott – Eat Delicious:

I only recently got this book but have been following Dennis on Instagram for a while now. The book is equally as impressive as the instagram feed with amazing photos of each cook. I have a lot in this book I want to cook so the list will grow soon.

Buy the book here:

BBQ53/17: Double Chocolate Skillet Brownie

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Richard Turner – Prime and Hog:

Buy the Prime here and Hog here:

Richard Turner from Hawksmoor, Pitt Cue, Blacklock, Turner and George and Meatopia. The man knows his meat there can be no argument! Great books full of detail and a joy to read.

BBQ54/17: Dirty Roasted Steak #2

BBQ31/17: Dirty Roasted Steak

Rib of Beef (Reverse Seared)

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Amazing Malaysia – Norman Musa:

This is one of my favourite books, the recipes provide fantastic results especially the Chicken Satay dish.

Buy the book here:

BBQ78/17: Chicken Satay

The Curry Guy – Dan Toombs:

Buy the book here:

BBQ94/17: Grilled Lamb Chops

K Food by Busan BBQ

Buy the book here:

BBQ106/17: Bulgogi Burger

Vietnamese Market Cookbook:

Buy the book here:

BBQ124/17: Imperial BBQ Pork

033/18: Lamb Shoulder with Vietnamese Miso

Diana Henry – Simple:

Buy the book here:

BBQ58/17: Roast Citrus, Ginger and Honey Chicken

Indian Kitchen – Maunika Gowardhan:

Buy the book here:

BBQ57/17: Murgh Makhani

Fresh India – Meera Sodha:


Buy the book here:

023/18: Cauliflower Shawarma

045/18: Whole Roasted Cauliflower Mussalam

057/18: Beetroot Shami Burgers

Thai Street Food – David Thomson:

Buy the book here:

044/18: Grilled pork skewers+pandan leaf

Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour:

Buy the book here:

052/18: Za’atar Roasted Squash

052/18: Za’atar Roasted Squash

020/18: Mana’eesh



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