Rib of Beef (Reverse Seared)

Rib of Beef:

As if we hadn’t had enough food on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I had decided to have a rib of beef on Boxing Day as well! The meat was a 1.5kg trimmed rib roast from Turner and George and it was a quality piece of meat. Pretty small again but it was just for 2.5 of us!

I had cooked a rib of beef once before and hadn’t quite got it as pink as I had wanted so I decided to cook this one using the reverse sear method. I sprinkled some salt over the joint, foiled the bone to keep it clean, put the meat on the grill away from the heat (indirect) and chucked a couple of oak chunks on. I went back every 10 minutes to flip it over and check the internal temperature with my thermapen. I wanted medium rare so was looking to move it to direct heat when it hit 45c to 50c with the aim of searing it on the direct heat and removing it to rest at 55c.

As you can see from the pics below I got it just right this time, was very happy with it!


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