BBQ01/17: Saddle of Goat with rosemary, thyme and garlic

BBQ01/17 – Saddle of Goat:

Back in October I bought half a goat from Turner and George for #goatober and still had the saddles in the freezer. I hadn’t cooked saddles (lamb or goat) before which is why they had sat there for a bit. There were 3 saddles on the bone and they had been cut along the bone and rolled by the butcher so I opened them up and placed some sliced garlic, fresh rosemary and fresh thyme in the gap then rolled them back up and tied butchers knots using the Scott Rea method:

These were cooked indirectly with a load of cherry chunks lobbed in for colour. I did move them to direct near the end but the BBQ flared up a fair bit, I wouldn’t move them over next time. They didn’t need it but I caught it quick enough to avoid a disaster! The meat was great, some real treats within these cuts.

I cooked up potatoes in a bag with these using the Rich Harris recipe:


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