BBQ58/17: Roast Citrus, Ginger and Honey Chicken

BBQ58/17: Roast Citrus, Ginger and Honey Chicken:

I had 1 last chicken from Herb Fed and wanted to do something different with it. I did a search for chicken in my “to cook” list and spotted this recipe for Roast citrus, ginger and honey chicken by Diana Henry from her book “Simple”. It’s a recipe for cooking in the oven but if it works in the oven it works in the BBQ!

I mixed orange juice, honey, hot sauce, grated garlic, grated ginger, orange zest, salt and pepper in a jug and poured it in and over the chicken keeping back 1/3 of the mix for later. I used a small roasting tin which was just bigger than the chicken and put the tray on the colder side of the BBQ to cook indirectly. I chose to cook indirect as I think the juice would have burnt over direct heat. I added some apple wood chunks and left it to cook (around 200c) for 45 minutes.


I took 4 oranges and sliced them into wedges then placing them into a roasting dish and sprinkled olive oil, ground ginger and light brown sugar over the top. This dish also went over indirect heat to avoid the oranges burning from the harsh heat.

After 45 minutes the chicken was looking good. I mixed the juices in the dish and spooned them over the top then added the remaining mixture pouring it over the chicken.


As the chicken was cooking it smelt fantastic, great smell of BBQ chicken and orange filled the air! I kept checking the internal temperature looking for 75c all over. When it hit temperature after 90 minutes total cooking time it was looking awesome:


I took it out to rest for a bit before carving it:



I took the oranges out and these also were smelling great:


We really enjoyed this dish, quite different for the BBQ but I think that’s what made it so good. You can’t beat a grilled chicken but the additional flavours from the juice mix and the oranges made it one of my favourite chicken dishes so far. One to cook again in the future and one I would recommend you cook.

I found the recipe online if you want to try it: recipe here 


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