BBQ53/17: Double Chocolate Skillet Brownie

BBQ53/17: Double Chocolate Skillet Brownie:

Double chocolate skillet brownie: Since my wife cooked the grilled peaches I have been meaning to cook more deserts on the BBQ. I keep thinking it would be a good use of heat whilst your BBQ is cooling down after cooking the main course.

I got a new book the other week: Eat Delicious by Dennis the Prescott – I bought the book after seeing the amazing food pictures Dennis puts on Twitter. It’s a great book, fantastic photos in there and very simple to follow recipes. It’s another book where a lot of the recipes have made it onto my “to do” list but it’s also got some cracking looking deserts the first of which I spotted was Double Chocolate Skillet Brownie!

The recipe says to cook it in the oven at 350F (176C) but I thought it would be a good one for the BBQ. I greased my lodge cast iron skillet then placed 3 bars of 80% chocolate and 3/4 of a bar of butter into a glass bowl which I placed over pan of boiling water to melt. Once melted I removed it from the heat and added 1.5 cups (we have US measuring cups) of sugar and whisked it before adding 4 eggs, 1 at a time and whisking each one until combined and smooth. Whilst whisking I added maple syrup, vanilla, salt, baking powder and cocoa powder until it was well mixed at which point I added flour, pecans and chocolate chips until smooth.

I poured this mixture into the pan and put it in the BBQ which was at 200C but dropping as I had shut the vents slightly.pork chops

The recipe says 35 to 40 minutes. It was still soft in the centre at 35 minutes but at 40 minutes the edges were burning so I took it off and placed foil over the top to try and keep the heat in to cook the centre. I left it 10 minutes then placed vanilla ice cream, chopped pecan nuts and fresh mint on top.

pork chops

The brownie tasted fantastic, it was really chocolatey and very smooth. The edges were slightly dry but as you progressed into the centre it was very soft and moist.

Thinking back I made a bit of an error as I placed the skillet directly over the hot coals, I should have shifted the coals to the side and placed the skillet to cook indirectly and not use the grill grates that were still in. Noted for next time but it was a great desert, easy to make but tasted fantastic! 

The recipe is online if anyone wants to make it, send me pics if you do!


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