Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso

033/18: Lamb Shoulder with Vietnamese Miso

033/18: Lamb Shoulder with Vietnamese Miso

I had one Lamb Shoulder left from the whole Shetland lamb delivery by Richard Briggs. Looking through my cook list I spotted Lamb Shoulder with Vietnamese Miso in the Vietnamese Market Kitchen book. Result! 

The Meat:

Top quality Shetland Lamb from Richard Briggs, I can’t wait to order more of this when it’s available again.

The Prep:

The lamb shoulder was on the bone so I had to take it off the bone, the shoulder is pretty tricky to get off the bone and to get the hock out but with a sharp knife and some patience it was fine. Interesting deboning a lamb shoulder on the kitchen table whilst the kids ate breakfast!

In a bowl I mixed Soya Bean paste, galangal, garlic, five spice powder, fresh pear juice (used the juiced in the food processer and 4 pears!), chopped shallots, sesame oil, black pepper and chilli powder.

I have some Chinese Soya Bean paste and some Thai Soya Bean paste but the recipe said to get hold of some Vietnamese Soya Bean paste, I couldn’t find any Vietnamese products so bought Korean instead. £5.70 from Amazon delivered, click the picture to buy it. 

With the marinade ready I sliced the meat up into chunks then mixed it into the marinade then left it in the fridge for 5 hours. After 5 hours I slotted it onto the Russian Skewers from Manchester Vacs.

Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso

I am testing some charcoal for a local producer, it’s a mix of Oak and Beech. Fired up well and very hot. I placed it in the centre of the grill with charcoal baskets either side so the skewers would run through the centre.

Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso

The Cook:

Skewers placed direct over the heat, lid on.

Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso

After 5 minutes I spun them around and after another few minutes I moved them to indirect heat.

Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso

Time to Eat:

The meat was probing around 70c on my Thermapen so I took the skewers off.

Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso

Served up with some rice and chopped coriander.

Shoulder of Lamb with Vietnamese Miso


Really enjoyed this cook, simple to prep and simple to cook but such a great taste to it. The lamb was really soft even though lamb shoulder normally needs a bit longer to cook. The marinade had worked well to soften the meat but added the most fantastic flavour. I will cook this one more often!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Direct
Charcoal: Testing – Local
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 250C
Cook time: 10 minutes
Internal temperature: 70c
Notes: No major changes


If you like the look of this recipe you can buy the book from Amazon for £15.59 by clicking the picture below: 


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2 thoughts on “033/18: Lamb Shoulder with Vietnamese Miso

  1. I just got a wee Thuros to keep the Uuni company as I travel to and from my Mums about 70 miles away and am fed up with crap products. The question is do you use a Thuros or similar and if so what charcoal or bricquettes and how do I source them.

    1. Hi Gill, I mainly use lumpwood from Oxford Charcoal at the moment. Top quality British charcoal, easy to light, burns hot and once you shut the cook down easy to relight what’s left as well.

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