Flat Iron Steak

032/18: Uuni Flat Iron Steak

032/18 – Uuni Flat Iron Steak:

On my last Turner and George order I added some flat iron steaks. The plan was to cook them on the Weber kettle but my new gas regulator arrived for the Uuni so I decided to cook them on cast iron with gas – Uuni Flat Iron Steak.

When I tested the regulator that arrived with the Uuni gas module on the Uuni 2s I couldn’t get the stone temperature above 420c and only 450c on the Uuni 3. I did a pizza cook on it but it seemed more oven baked than wood fired.

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When you compare the pizza to one cooked at 550c on Uuni wood pellets in the Uuni 3 you can see the difference in the crust:

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My pal Billy had a faulty regulator for his gas module and had bought a new one from Calor gas for £10. He said he had managed to get it to 550c so I wanted to get one to test myself. I had a quick test run of the new regulator earlier in the day and managed to get the pizza stone to 546c in 20 minutes. Result!

Flat Iron Steak

The Meat:

Flat Iron steak from Turner and George – 2x250g for £10. When I opened the pack up the 2 pieces looked quite different to each other, the top one looked kinda how I expected but the bottom one was a different shape and noticeably thicker than the first one. 

Flat Iron Steak

The Prep:

The prep was fairly simple, I salted them with Maldon sea salt and then added some Don Marco’s King Cacao that Macs BBQ sent me to test a while back. The ingredients are listed as Sea salt, unrefined cane sugar, tomato powder, cacao powder, garlic, oregano, pepper, onion, chilli and jalapeno chilli.

Whilst the Uuni was warming up I put my sizzler pan in to warm up, you can get the one below from Amazon for £14.50 delivered. 

The Cook:

With the Uuni at close to 550c (Chimney off, door mostly on) I took the cast iron out and placed the first steak in then put the dish back in the Uuni with the door mostly on.

Flat Iron Steak

I gave it a couple of minutes then took it out and flipped it over before putting it back in.

Flat Iron Steak

Time to Eat:

Once the steak was probing 55c on my Thermapen I took it out to rest (take it off the cast iron or it will keep cooking!). I sliced the end off, nice and pink!

Flat Iron Steak

I kept slicing, glorious!

Flat Iron Steak

There was so much juice coming out of the meat!

Flat Iron Steak

Fully sliced, it was nice and pink all the way through the meat.

Flat Iron Steak

Cook #2:

The 2nd steak was cooked the same way but cooked a bit quicker, maybe as it was thinner.

Flat Iron Steak

Just a couple of minutes each side then I took it out, left it to rest then sliced it. Even pinker than the last one.

Flat Iron Steak

This one felt even softer than the first one. Really juicy too.  Flat Iron Steak


This was quite interesting. The gas performed well, the Uuni was roasting hot and kept hot with no effort required from myself. The steaks tasted pretty much the same as if I had cooked them over charcoal without any smoking wood. The cast iron and the Maldon sea salt created a nice crust on the meat. The Don Marco’s King Cacao rub was nice, added a good taste of cacao to the meat and a handy bit of spice as well.

Steak #1 was a bit disappointing, tougher than the 2nd one. The shape is a bit odd so I will need to ask Turner and George about it.

Steak #2 was cracking, very soft and tender. Nice tasting bit of meat and really juicy.

Overall, a successful cook on gas on the Uuni 3. Handy bit of kit to have to hand when you need a quick and easy cook. I left it heating up for 20 minutes whilst I got the kids ready for bed and it was up to temp by the time I got outside.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Uuni 3
Cook Method: Gas
Fuel: Patio Gas
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 550c
Cook time: 1: 6 minutes 

2: 5 minutes

Internal temperature: 55c
Notes: No major changes

The Kit:

If you like the look of the Uuni 3 you can order one from Amazon by clicking the picture below. £199.99 delivered

If you have an Uuni 2s or 3 and want the gas attachment you can buy one from Uuni for £49.00.



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