025/18: Uuni Margherita

025/18 – Uuni Margherita:

I have cooked quite a lot of pizza now but it’s usually the same dough recipe and usually the same sauce recipe as well. It was time to try some new recipes – Uuni Margherita time!

The Ingredients:

Flour: Molino Grassi 00 flour – £11.22 for 10kg from Amazon. Yeast: Saf-Levure Dry yeast – £6.89 for 500g from Amazon
Tomatoes: San Marzano Plum Tomatoes – £17.11 for 12 tins from Amazon

The Dough:

The recipe for the dough was from “The Pizza Bible” by Tony Gemignani, really good book with loads of great content in it. I am planning on working my way through the book!

The Book is £18.79 on Amazon.

This dough recipe is different to my usual one because you make a Poolish starter the day before you make the pizza dough. I kept it at room temperature for 18 hours then put it in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool.

Next day I made the pizza dough using the Poolish then left it to rest at room temperature for 20 minutes. Next I split the dough into 3 lots of 255 grams each then shaped it into dough balls before putting them into my plastic trays and placing these in the fridge for 40 hours.

This recipe is for the Napoletana Dough on page 187 and uses the Poolish starter on page 47.

The Kit:

6 litre food grade container with lid – £5.24 from Amazon

Food grade pizza dough trays (x3) – £22.95 from Amazon 

The Sauce:

Another recipe from the same book, this time Napoletana Tomato Sauce. San Marzano tomatoes pushed through a fine sieve and mixed with salt. That simple!

The Uuni:

I was using the Uuni 3 again with pellets from Uuni and the jam hopper. Really easy to get up to temp as I used the looftlighter again, probably 5 minutes to get to 550c on the stone. 

The Pizza:

The pizza dough was incredibly soft, really easy to shape. Probably the best dough I have worked with so far, very easy to stretch into shape and it was the biggest pizza base I had made so far. Great news as I had been trying to get some bigger bases for a while!

2 spoons of the Napoletana Tomato Sauce on top, basil leaves and some Mozzarella cheese, salt and rapeseed oil. 

The Cook:

Pizza 1: Disaster, I must have spread the dough too thin as the peel caught the centre when I went to spin it the first time. I managed to rescue it but ended up with a donut pizza! Worse than that I had to take the stone out and flip it over. Welding gloves can take a lot of heat but a pizza stone at 550c will burn your fingers through them! This pizza was fine for the kids, they enjoyed it.

Pizza 2: I was more careful with the dough and it was going well but when I went to pull the pizza out I tipped sauce over the edge of the base which stopped it cooking properly. I was a bit nervous I was going to be eating out of the freezer at this rate. My wife ate this one.

Pizza 3: Careful with the dough again and only 1 spoon of sauce this time. Plenty of flour on the peel and generally more careful. What did I end up with?

The best pizza base I have cooked so far!  MargheritaI messed up the toppings as I ran out of the good mozzarella cheese and had to use a block and I burnt the basil But, that is the best leoparding on a pizza in the Uuni I have had to date, I was very happy! MargheritaTime to slice:MargheritaIt was really good, the base was great and even the toppings tasted nice. Margherita

Really happy with this, I managed to get the base exactly how I have been trying to get it for ages. This is down to the dough recipe from The Pizza Bible so I will cook it again and try to get the toppings right next time.

More pizzas to cook in the book too!


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  1. I use the pizza bible recipe at times too. Question: did you use bread flour or did you use 00 flour?

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