Sweetcorn French Toast with Blueberries

Not BBQ: Sweetcorn French Toast with Blueberries

Not BBQ – Sweetcorn French Toast with Blueberries:

Thirteenth cook from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris, this time it was Sweetcorn French Toast with Blueberries.

As with some of the other cooks I have done from this book, you could do this in a cast iron pan on the BBQ. My daughter helped me with the prep and cook so we cooked it in the kitchen to save some time.

The Prep:

The day before my wife made a white loaf and we left it out overnight to dry out a bit. In the morning I sliced some thick slices then dried them in the oven at a low heat for 20 minutes.

Sweetcorn and milk went into a liquidiser then were strained before adding eggs, maple syrup, brown butter (recipe also in the book) and salt. The bread went into roasting tins then the batter mix was poured over the top and left to soak for 5 minutes.

The Cook:

Some oil in a pan then the bread went in for 2 minutes per side. Served with blueberries then dusted with an icing sugar and cinnamon mix. The ground cinnamon is from Steenbergs – 40g for £2.60. Highly recommend this stuff as it’s obviously top quality, you can tell when you sniff it!

Sweetcorn French Toast with Blueberries

This looked so good, I was the last to eat as always so I was really looking forward to eating mine!

Sweetcorn French Toast with Blueberries


Another great breakfast dish from the book, so tasty. You do get a slight taste of sweetcorn but Rich mentions it’s mainly in there to add colour and make use of the starch which thickens the batter and creates a custardy centre. Sounds good to me!

Pretty easy to prepare and again, Rich says you could do most of the prep the night before which would leave you with a quick and easy but super tasty breakfast. Would work well on the BBQ in a cast iron pan. I have loads of brown butter left so I might just do that!

This recipe is from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris:


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