Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines

167/18: Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines

167/18 – Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines:

First cook from a new book! From Root and Leaf by Rich Harris I started with Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines.

I am a big fan of Rich’s recipes. Some time back I was looking for inspiration to start cooking some more interesting dishes on the BBQ and I found his book “Fire and Smoke”. The great thing about this book is that there are loads of recipes for cooking on the BBQ and they are all totally different to what you see in the usual BBQ cookbooks.
All my cooks from that book can be seen by clicking the picture below:
Rich Harris

Recently I was seeking inspiration again and I bought a lot of books all at once. I had a quick look through them all but Rich’s second book “Root and Leaf” really caught my attention. There were so many recipes in there that I was just desperate to cook that I decided to work my way through the book until I had cooked a lot of them. One of the great things about the book is that the recipes aren’t meat replacement dishes where the meat is just replaced with veg but instead each recipe is a standalone dish showcasing the veg as the star. Loads of dishes and recipes from all around the world and most of them can be cooked on the BBQ if you want to. I am struggling for time lately so I did cook some of them inside just to save time, I have written them all up though and each one could be cooked on the BBQ if you wanted.

The Prep:

I started off by making the flatbreads. I used a recipe from Rich’s other book Fire and Smoke – I have cooked these a few times previously:

BBQ39/17: Pork Souvlaki and Flatbreads

Strong white bread flour, yeast, water, olive oil, sea salt, sugar and semolina all mixed in the kitchenaid with the dough hook in for 10 minutes then left it to rest for an hour before splitting the dough out. 

Whilst the dough was rising I made the carrot topping: White wine vinegar, water, sugar, yellow mustard seeds, carrots and salt.

The sticky Aubergine topping was made by frying cubed aubergine then mixing in sherry vinegar, brown sugar and cumin seeds.

Lastly I blitzed feta, cream cheese and double cream together to make the creamed feta topping.

The Cook:

I cooked these in the Ooni Pro. Fired up with a couple of fistfuls of Resilient Woodlands Mixed Hardwood and lit with a few flamers underneath. Once the charcoal was lit I added some chunks of Beech to take the temperature up to about 500c.

Last time I split the dough into 8 but the first one was a bit small this time so I did 4 larger ones after that.  They didn’t take long to cook at that temperature!Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines

First flatbread: Brushed with a garlic and sumac infused oil then topped with creamed feta and the carrot dressing before adding zaatar, sumac and olive oil on top.

Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines

Looking good!

Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines

Time for an aubergine one: The same sumac and garlic infused oil, then the creamed feta followed by the aubergine topping. Zaatar, sumac and olive oil on top at the end.

Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines


Flatbreads with Creamed Feta and Sticky Aubergines


I really enjoyed these, what a great first cook from a new book! The flatbreads worked really well, putting them in a plastic freezer bag once cooked kept them warm and soft. The creamed feta topping was so tasty and worked well with both the carrot and aubergine dressings. Out of the two I think the aubergine one was my favourite, really good!

Pretty simple cook and you could do most of the prep the night before to make it quick and easy on the day.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Ooni Pro
Cook Method: Bread
Charcoal: Resilient Woodlands Mixed Hardwood
Smoking Wood: Beech
Cook temperature: 550c
Cook time: A few minutes per flatbread
Internal temperature: N/A
Notes: No major changes, great dish.

This recipe is from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris:



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