Smoked Mushroom Ramen

174/18: Smoked Mushroom Ramen

174/18 – Smoked Mushroom Ramen:

Fourteenth cook from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris, this time it was Smoked Mushroom Ramen.

Years ago we went to Bone Daddies and ate some fantastic Ramen dishes, ever since I have wanted to cook my own at home so when I saw this recipe in the book I had to cook it!

The Prep:

In the morning I put shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and a Portobello mushroom into my Thuros T1 smoker (along with some cheese!) and cold smoked it over Whisky Oak dust from Hot Smoked for a few hours in the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator.

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Enoki mushrooms in place:

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

Shiitake mushrooms added:

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

And a lone Portobello mushroom on top:

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

All set and ready to smoke.

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

Whisky Oak dust into the CSG.

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

After a few hours in the cold smoke the mushrooms smelt fantastic!

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

The Cook:

I had a large amount of stock left from the Okonomiyaki cook so used that for this cook. It went into a large pan along with shiitake mushrooms, spring onions and kombu (Japanese dried seaweed). Strained with spring onions and kombu discarded, mushrooms chopped then mixed with soy sauce and mirin.

Ramen noodles were cooked in boiling water then the broth mix was warmed with all the mushrooms added along with bamboo shoots and spring greens. The broth was strained again so I could pick the ingredients out to try and get the bowl to match the one in the book! Poached egg on top.

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

Close up of the enoki mushrooms.

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

The egg was topped with shicimi togarashi from the Spicy Aubergine and Fried Rice recipe. That part isn’t in the book but from the photo I think that’s what’s been used, it worked well either way!

Smoked Mushroom Ramen

Time to Eat:

It was looking and smelling fantastic.

Smoked Mushroom Ramen


Quite a bit of prep and work with this one especially the veg stock but it’s really worth it. The mushrooms and veg stock added a real umami punch to the dish and the shicimi togarashi added a nice bit of spice.

The smoked mushrooms tasted really nice and they added a bit of smoke to the veg stock in the bowl too. 

Overall, a very tasty dish. Recommended

Cook Difficulty: 4/5 
Cook Duration: Long: 4/5
Cook Equipment: Thuros T1 Smoker
Cook Method: Cold Smoker
Charcoal: N/A
Smoking Wood: Hot Smoked Whisky Oak
Cook temperature: Cold
Cook time: Hours
Internal temperature: N/A
Notes: No major changes

This recipe is from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris:


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