Rump Steak Panini

104/18: Rump Steak Sandwich with Caramelised Onions

104/18 – Rump Steak Sandwich with Caramelised Onions:

Time to cook the last of the Torloisk beef I got from Turner and George. I had some Rump steak to cook and quite fancied a sandwich. I decided upon Rump Steak Sandwich with Caramelised Onions.

The Meat:

Torloisk Highland Rump Steak – 2x400g for £28 from Turner and George.

I wrote up about the meat and why it’s such good quality in two previous cooks:

097/18: Torloisk Highland Rib Eye Steaks

100/18: Torloisk Highland T-Bone Steak

Rump Steak Panini

The Prep:

Two large onions sliced, some butter, brown sugar, red wine vinegar and rapeseed oil.

Rump Steak Panini

A chimney starter of Oxford Charcoal Oak Lumpwood was lit and poured over the base of the Weber Kettle for a single heat zone.

The Cook:

I took a 26cm Lodge Cast Iron Skillet (£28.99 on Amazon) then added oil and butter. Once the butter had melted I added the onions and brown sugar. After a few minutes the onions had softened down and taken on a nice colour so I added the red wine vinegar and left it to reduce down. Rump Steak Panini

After a few more minutes the onions were looking (and tasting) awesome!Rump Steak Panini

Time to cook the steaks. Salt and Pepper both sides.Rump Steak Panini

Straight onto the lit coals for a dirty (or clinched) steak.Rump Steak Panini

After a couple of minutes I flipped them over.Rump Steak Panini

I kept an eye on the internal temperature with my Thermapen and when they were around 55c I took them off to rest.

Next I put the grill back on and lightly toasted the paninis.Rump Steak Panini

Time to slice the steaks.Rump Steak Panini

Always a relief when you see pink meat after you slice it!Rump Steak Panini

Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Paninis.

Rump Steak Panini

This shot shows the stages of construction for the panini:

1- Layer of English Mustard
2- Caramelised Onions
3- Sliced Steak
5- Enjoy!

Rump Steak Panini

Time to put the lids on.Rump Steak Panini

Glorious! Rump Steak Panini


Yet again I was really impressed with this beef. It’s very tender, full of flavour and generally awesome. I believe Hawksmoor Edinburgh will be stocking it so I look forward to eating it there but I will also be ordering more from Turner and George!

The steak sandwich was fantastic, really tasty and a treat for a Saturday lunch. The bread was from the supermarket and wasn’t the best. Would be better with home baked bread or some from a proper baker next time.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Dirty (or Clinched)
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Oak
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot!
Cook time: Onions: About 15m
Steak: About 5m plus rest
Internal temperature: 55c (Thermapen)
Notes: 1: Get some better bread.




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