Torloisk Highland T-Bone

100/18: Torloisk Highland T-Bone Steak

100/18 – Torloisk Highland T-Bone Steak:

I wrote about the Torloisk beef in post 096/18 but I will copy/paste it here! 

At Meatopia 2017 Niall Davidson was cooking some Torloisk Beef and I attended a session hosted by DJ BBQ where we went to meet Niall Davidson from Nuala Restaurant and Iain Mackay from Torloisk Beef. We got to try a fair bit of the beef that day and it was truly glorious! I was chatting to Iain as I had recently read a book called “Steak” by Mark Schatzker where he travels the world to find the best steak. The winner was Highland beef farmed by Angus Mackay who happened to live not far from me! I managed to find an email address for Angus and asked how I could buy some of his beef. After a few weeks I got a reply from Angus to say he had retired but his sons were still farming the Highland cows and I could get some from them. I did email Iain at Torloisk farm but never got a response so it was lucky to bump into him at Meatopia. Tasting the beef that day, I knew I had to get some somehow! Iain did mention that Select Butchery were going to be taking beef from him. I knew Select were run by James George from Turner and George so maybe there was a chance I could get some from them. It took a while, but eventually it appeared on the Turner and George website (Under Black Label) so I swooped! Torloisk Highland T-Bone Steaks.

The Meat:

Quite the introduction above! Torloisk Farm is on the Isle of Mull. I have been to Mull and it’s very green plus really clean. Easy to see why beef would do so well there. The T-bone steak was 600g for £18.00.

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

The Prep:

Maldon Sea Salt, plenty of it!

The Cook:

Thuros T1 grill, three flamers and two fistfuls of Oxford Charcoal Oak. After around ten minutes it was time to cook. Steak on!

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

Now, the T1 surface area is a good size but this was cooking direct and I was getting a few flare ups. I probably put the steak on too early and should have left the coals to calm down a bit first but I was hungry!

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

To calm the flames I put the lid on. I was using the Meater probe and it kept crashing, in the end I had to give up. Turns out it can only run to 275c ambient and the Thuros T1 was above 290c!

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

Meater abandoned I kept checking the internal temperatures with the trusty Thermapen. At 55c internal temperature I took it off to rest.

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

What a finish! Bit charred in places by a great colour and so juicy!

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

Time to slice……

Torloisk Highland T-Bone

Pink! Result!

Torloisk Highland T-Bone


Really impressed with the Torloisk beef from Turner and George, the taste is just fantastic but the beef is also really tender and very juicy. Definitely recommended!

Also really impressed with the Thuros T1 grill, David Hughes is right when he calls it a “Steak Machine”. Two steak cooks so far on the T1 and it’s done amazingly well both times. Cracking bit of kit for £100.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Thuros T1
Cook Method: Direct
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Oak
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 290c ish
Cook time: 10 minutes plus rest
Internal temperature: 55c (Thermapen)
Notes: 1: No major changes




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