Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

097/18: Torloisk Highland Rib Eye Steaks

097/18 – Torloisk Highland Rib Eye Steaks:

At Meatopia 2017 Niall Davidson was cooking some Torloisk Beef and I attended a session hosted by DJ BBQ where we went to meet Niall Davidson from Nuala Restaurant and Iain Mackay from Torloisk Beef. We got to try a fair bit of the beef that day and it was truly glorious! I was chatting to Iain as I had recently read a book called “Steak” by Mark Schatzker where he travels the world to find the best steak. The winner was Highland beef farmed by Angus Mackay who happened to live not far from me! I managed to find an email address for Angus and asked how I could buy some of his beef. After a few weeks I got a reply from Angus to say he had retired but his sons were still farming the Highland cows and I could get some from them. I did email Iain at Torloisk farm but never got a response so it was lucky to bump into him at Meatopia. Tasting the beef that day, I knew I had to get some somehow! Iain did mention that Select Butchery were going to be taking beef from him. I knew Select were run by James George from Turner and George so maybe there was a chance I could get some from them. It took a while, but eventually it appeared on the Turner and George website (Under Black Label) so I swooped! Torloisk Highland Rib Eye Steaks.

The Meat:

Quite the introduction above! Torloisk Farm is on the Isle of Mull. I have been to Mull and it’s very green plus really clean. Easy to see why beef would do so well there. The Rib Eyes were 2x 250g for £21.00

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Look at the marbling on the steak.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

The Prep:

I chose the Thuros for this cook mainly because David Hughes had referred to it as “A Steak Machine” in one of our conversations and those words had stuck in my mind! Bit of a risk cooking this way for the first time on the Thuros T1 in case I messed it up, especially after how long it had taken me to get the beef!

Two handfuls of Oxford Charcoal Cherry Lumpwood in the Thuros T1 over three Flamers and whilst it was heating up I sprinkled some Maldon Sea Salt over both sides of the steak.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Getting closer to being ready to cook on.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

The Cook:

Once the coals were white hot the steaks went on to cook directly. The steaks weren’t too thick so a reverse sear on the KJ or Weber wouldn’t really have worked, at this thickness cooking direct was best. I put the Meater probe in and set it to 55c for Medium Rare.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Cooking direct and so close to the charcoal it was flaring up a bit, when I felt it was getting a bit out of hand I put the T1 lid on to restrict the air and stop the flames.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

It was pretty hot in there!

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Approaching 55c so almost time to take them off.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

I had some little lamb chops to cook for the kids too. These went on whilst the steaks were resting (in foil).

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

And I also cooked some asparagus.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Time to Serve:

Meat rested, time to check the temperature with the Thermapen. Spot on!

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Out the foil and onto the board for slicing.

Torloisk Beef Rib Eye


Torloisk Beef Rib Eye

Time to Eat:

I had also cooked some wedges and seasoned them with a Piri Piri rub from Angus and Oink. Plated up with the steak and some asparagus.

Torloisk Highland Rib Eye


I really enjoyed this steak, it had a fantastic taste to it and every bite was a joy to eat! Another great cook on the Thuros T1, I have said it each time but it’s easy to light, minimal charcoal, quick to heat up and very relaxed to cook on. There was plenty of room on the grill for the two steaks and they came out so well that I can see me using it more often for steaks. Will try a dirty steak on the T1 at some point too.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Thuros T1
Cook Method: Direct
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Cherry
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: N/A
Cook time: 6 minutes plus a rest
Internal temperature: 57c
Notes: No major changes




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