Sweet potato cinnamon rolls

Not BBQ: Sweet potato cinnamon rolls

Not BBQ – Sweet potato cinnamon rolls:

Next up from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris was Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls.When I saw these in the book I had to make them!

Flour, salt, sweet potato, sugar and egg yolks into the food mixer and left to rise for an hour then into the fridge for an hour to cool down. Butter, golden caster sugar, light brown soft sugar and Steenbergs ground cinnamon (£2.60 for 40g) were mixed in a bowl. The dough was rolled and the filling spread on top before the dough was rolled. Great tip in the book on how to cut the dough cleanly, my wife was amazed!
I didn’t have any muffin tins so used Yorkshire pudding trays! Covered with cling film and back in the fridge for half an hour then into the oven at 180c for 15 minutes, foiled and baked for another 8 minutes.
I cannot put into words how good these smelt when they came out!

Sweet potato cinnamon rolls

Glaze spooned on top – Icing sugar, cream cheese and milk.

Sweet potato cinnamon rolls

They came out the tins easily.

Sweet potato cinnamon rolls

So good!

Sweet potato cinnamon rolls


My goodness! I love Cinnamon Rolls and I think these were the best ones I have ever eaten. Straight out the oven they were warm and soft, such a great taste from the cinnamon and the dough was light and fluffy. I ate one pretty quickly and had to have a second one straight away. For the rest of the day they were calling me!

Once they cool down 20 seconds in the microwave is enough to heat them back up and keep them soft. If you make these they won’t last long as they will get eaten quickly!

Not BBQ but you could cook them on your bbq without much trouble. Would be a good one for the Kamado Joe after the main course has cooked, make use of the residual heat.

This recipe is from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris:

To find out a bit more about this great book have a read of this blog post:

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