Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice

Not BBQ: Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice

Not BBQ – Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice:

11th cook from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris, this time it was Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice.

I liked the look of this in the book when I saw it so added it to my list to cook.

The Prep:

Sushi rice was cooked then mixed with salt, sugar and rice vinegar. Once cooled it was placed into a loaf tin lined with clingfilm and put in the fridge to set before being cut into cubes.

The aubergine was fried then mixed with spring onions, sriracha, Kewpie mayo and rice vinegar.

The rice cubes were deep fried in a pan of oil for a couple of minutes until they were starting to go golden. Once cooked they were topped with the aubergine mixture, seasoned with shicimi togarashi and a bit of chopped spring onion greens.

Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice

Looking good!

Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice

Time to eat!

Spicy Aubergine with Crispy Rice


Another great dish from the book and another really tasty recipe. I hadn’t cubed and fried rice before so that was pretty cool. The rice was really tasty after being lightly fried and the toppings worked really well together with a nice bit of spice from the shichimi togarashi. 

This recipe is from Root and Leaf by Rich Harris:


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