Not BBQ: Berber & Q Fattoush

Not BBQ: Berber & Q Fattoush

I don’t normally post anything I haven’t cooked on the BBQ on here mainly because everything I prepare in the kitchen saves me having to write up a blog post! However, some of the dishes I have made in the kitchen from the Berber and Q cookbook recently have been so good I wanted to take photos and record them on the blog as I believe other folk will enjoy them too.

I have been eating more salads over the summer to try and get a bit of weight off. If like me you remember the plain, basic salads we ate as kids then this is something totally different!

This recipe is from Beber and Q by Josh Katz – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:

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107/18: Berber and Q Shakshuka

The Prep:

Za’atar pita croutes: Garlic oil in a pan with ripped pita, browned then seasoned with za’atar, salt and pepper.

Green lemon and chilli dressing: za’atar, lemon juice, garlic, birds eye chillies, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Fattoush: baby gem lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, flat leaf parsley, shredded mint. Once prepared add the za’atar pita croutes and the green lemon and chilli dressing.

Garnish: Whipped feta (feta, cremem freche and Dijon mustard), olive tapenade (my wife made this but you can get it in the supermarket), pomegrante seeds, radishes, za’atar, mint and herb oil (basil, dill and flat leaf parsley in olive oil).

To put this dish together you spread the whipped feta around the edge of the bowl then place the fattoush on top with the olive tapenade. My wife isn’t a fan of cheese so instead of spreading the feta around the edge of the bowl I placed it up one end so I knew where to find it! With the fattoush in place pomegranate seeds and radish slices are placed on top topped with za’atar, mint and herb oil.

When I picked the bowl up to move it the whole left hand side came off in my hand! I think we bought this bowl in Marrakesh so it’s not easy to get a replacement! I taped the bowl together underneath (yes really!) and rebuilt the fattoush on that side. You can see the cracks below!

What a fantastic looking dish, so many different colours!



This was such a tasty dish with an explosion of flavours in every bite. Loads of Za’atar in this dish which can only be a good things as I love it! The whipped feta was really nice as was the dressing and the za’atar pita croutes also worked well.

There is a fair amount of preparation in this dish but it’s definitely worth it for such an amazing tasting dish. Plus it makes loads so you can either feed a small army or have leftovers for days!

This recipe is from Beber and Q by Josh Katz – You can buy the book by clicking the link below:



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2 thoughts on “Not BBQ: Berber & Q Fattoush

  1. In Syria it is common to use fresh thyme (zataar), baqleh, gergil (like rocket) leaves to give different flavours. The key elements of a great Levantine fattoush are the freshest and tastiest ingredients, thin crispy bread fried or toasted and a dressing of vinegar, olive oil and pomegranate syrup. Fattoush is a great salad to sit alongside tabbouleh, bewas and dips, about 30% of a good mezze style meal.

    1. Hi Nick, good to hear from you mate. Always good to hear more about the cuisine and ingredients from other countries, that does sounds fantastic!

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