Wild Boar Chops

BBQ128/17: Uuni Wild Boar Loin Chops

BBQ128/17 – Uuni Wild Boar Loin Chops:

Following on from the previous post I also picked up some Wild Boar Loin Chops which had been left on the bone. 

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I was going to cook them on the Weber grill but decided to have another go with cast iron in the Uuni after the steaks I cooked that way recently came out so good!

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The Meat:

These chops were £12.60 for 2 and weighed about 500g total. They were pretty thick so good for the BBQ or the Uuni.

Wild Boar Chops

The Prep:

No major prep, just a bit of salt on the meat and I got the Uuni fired up as per my notes:

Uuni – Hints and Tips

The Cook:

When the Uuni was at 350c I rubbed a small amount of rapeseed oil on the cast iron pan and put it inside the Uuni to warm whilst I waited for it to hit 550c.

Once it was at 550c I took out the cast iron and placed the meat in the dish, it started to sizzle straight away!

Wild Boar Chops

I put the dish in the oven and gave it a couple of minutes. When I pulled the dish out the meat was starting to brown nicely.

Wild Boar Chops

I flipped the meat over and put it back in. After another couple of minutes I took it out, nice and brown again. Internal temp was around 50c so it needed a bit longer. I flipped the dish 180 degrees to try and even out the cook a bit.

Wild Boar Chops

Another couple of minutes and it was rising to 60c. I wasn’t too sure with wild boar so thought I would take it to 75c to be safe.

Wild Boar Chops

Time to Eat:

At 70c I took it out and left it to sit for a few minutes, thinking the heat of the dish would finish it off to 75c. The meat was looking fantastic, such a great colour all over!

Wild Boar Chops


I really enjoyed this cook. Another great one for midweek as it’s simple and quick. The cast iron worked really well and seared the meat well. The flames from the Uuni gave the meat a nice crust but also seared the rind and rendered the fat. I will try this again with some big pork chops.

Cook Equipment: Uuni 2s
Cook Method: Cast Iron
Charcoal: Uuni pellets
Smoking Wood: In the pellets
Cook temperature: 550c
Cook time: About 10m
Internal temperature: 75c
Notes: Repeat this with some big pork chops.
I have really enjoyed the last few cast iron cooks on the Uuni, if anyone has any ideas for anything else to cook this way please message me on Twitter or leave a comment below!


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