BBQ120/17: Uuni Rib Eye Steak

BBQ120/17: Uuni Rib Eye Steak

Uuni Rib Eye Steak: Recently I cooked a Goat Rump Steak in cast iron on the Uuni and it was incredible. My wife was out for the day and I had a single Rib Eye steak in the freezer from Turner and George so it was a good opportunity to cook it in the Uuni again.

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The Meat:

The meat was a Rib Eye steak from Turner and George. It looked like a smaller one, 2x 250g for £18.

Uuni rib eye steak

The Prep:

Simple – bit of salt both sides and a small amount of rapeseed oil in the cast iron pan.

I fired up the Uuni following the same steps I use for cooking pizza – Uuni guide. As the Uuni was getting up to temperature I put the cast iron dish inside to warm up.

Uuni rib eye steak

The Cook:

Once the Uuni was over 500c I took the cast iron dish out and placed the steak inside then put the dish back in the Uuni adding a handful of pellets to the fire.

After a couple of minutes I took the dish out and flipped the steak over then returned it to the Uuni.

Uuni rib eye steak

After another couple of minutes I took the steak out and checked the temperature – 75c. Uh oh! That’s higher than I was aiming for! Must have been really hot in there! I took the steak out the dish and left it to rest. Obviously as the dish is hot if I left the steak in there it would have continued to cook.

Uuni rib eye steak

Uuni rib eye steak

Time to Eat:

I left it to rest for a few minutes and then sliced into it, I knew it wasn’t going to be pink as I had over cooked it.

Uuni rib eye steak

Uuni rib eye steak


Although I overcooked the steak it was still really soft and juicy. It had a nice, strong beef flavour which suggested it had been well aged. I was a bit gutted I cooked it beyond medium rare but it’s all a learning curve! Next time I would pull the steak out every minute or even every 30 seconds to be totally sure. 

Cook Equipment: Uuni and Cast Iron Pan
Cook Method: Uuni / Cast Iron
Charcoal: Uuni pellets
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 500C
Cook time: 4m and a 5m rest
Internal temperature: 75C
Notes: 1: Pull it out more often and try not to overcook it!


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