BBQ114/17: Uuni Goat Rump

BBQ114/17 – Uuni Goat Rump:

I had a small goat rump steak in the freezer that I wanted to cook and the ideal opportunity presented itself when my wife went out for the day. Lunch for one!

The Meat:

As I have mentioned in a couple of recent posts, I bought half a goat from Cabrito Goat and cut it up myself:

Butchery: Half a Goat

The rump steak was part of the haunch which I cut off when preparing the butterflied leg of goat for this dish:

BBQ108/17: Butterflied Leg of Goat

You can buy Cabrito Goat Meat from Cabrito or Turner and George neither sell the rump on it’s own so you will either need to buy the leg and remove it yourself or ask them to remove it for you.

The Prep:

I wasn’t quite sure how to prepare the meat. I didn’t want to add any strong flavours that would overpower the taste of the meat and I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to cook it. I had cooked pizzas the evening before on the Uuni pizza oven and remembered I still hadn’t used the cast iron pans I bought from Nisbets a while back. Time to get them used!

I had a look at the rump steak, it was quite thick in parts. I could have bashed it flatter or tried to butterfly it but due to the high heat I was expecting on the Uuni I decided to keep it thick to give me a bit of room for error on my first cast iron cook on the Uuni!

The Uuni was fired up in the usual way:

Uuni – Hints and Tips

The steak was prepared with a good sprinkling of salt.

Uuni Goat RumpOnce the Uuni was getting up to temperature I oiled the cast iron dish with rapeseed oil and put it inside to warm up.

When I checked back after a couple of minutes the oil was on fire! Might skip that next time or at least drastically reduce the amount of oil used! I had welders gloves on when I pulled the pan out but it still burnt me. What temperature was this???!!! I use those gloves to move lit charcoal around in the grill and never get burnt!

Uuni Goat Rump

The Cook:

Once the flames calmed down I put the steak into the dish and it instantly started sizzling.Uuni Goat RumpAfter a couple of minutes I pulled it out (with 2 pairs of welding gloves on!) and flipped the steak over. This was repeated a few times until the internal temperature was probing around 55C. At this point I pulled the dish out and left the meat to rest.

There was a great crust on the meat and it had taken on some lovely colours. Was it going to be pink when I cut into it?

Uuni Goat Rump

Time to Eat:

After about a 5 minute rest I cut into it and thankfully it was just how I had hoped!



Uuni Goat Rump

It’s hard to get good photos in the winter but thankfully at the weekend you can cook at lunchtime when it should be light and get some nice photos! These next 2 were taken directly outside but were actually an afterthought when I had gone inside to eat. I am glad I went back out to take the pictures as the other photos weren’t quite as good.

Uuni Goat Rump

Uuni Goat Rump


Having not eaten a goat rump steak before and having not cooked with cast iron in the Uuni before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I have to say this dish totally blew me away!

The goat was very soft, tender and juicy. It had a delicate, sweet taste but the crust from the fat, salt and high cook temperature added an incredible layer of flavour. So glad I didn’t have to share this, every bite was a delight!

I will cook this again for sure, one of my favourite dishes so far!

Cook Equipment: Uuni and Cast Iron Pan
Cook Method: Uuni / Cast Iron
Charcoal: Uuni pellets
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 500C
Cook time: Under 10m + 5m rest
Internal temperature: 55C
Notes: 1:  Wear 2 pairs of gloves!
2: Less/No oil in the pan to avoid flames!



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