Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

158/18: Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

158/18 – Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers:

The Snowdonia Cheese Company got in touch recently to ask if I would be interested in developing some burger recipes using their range of cheese. Having enjoyed a few of their fantastic cheeses before I really fancied trying more of the range. The first cook was the triple chilli cheeseburger using the Red Devil cheese and next up was the Ooni Pro Cheeseburger using the Beechwood Smoked Mature Cheddar.

Bacon Triple Cheese

141/18: Triple Chilli Cheeseburger

The Beechwood Smoked Mature Cheddar from The Snowdonia Cheese Company, ready to be cracked open.

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

The Meat:

Black Label burgers from Turner and George. A secret mix of cuts with added bone marrow – 4x180g for £7.92. I cook with these a lot, they are great burgers.

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

The Prep:

I fired up the Ooni Pro with a few fistfuls of Oxford Charcoal Orange Lumpwood. After 10 minutes I added some chunks of Oak to heat it right up, I also added the Grizzler pan to heat up.

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

The Cook:

I salted the burgers then placed them on the grizzler and put them back in the Ooni Pro. After a couple of minutes I brought them out, flipped them over and put them back in the oven.

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

After another couple of minutes I topped them with some bacon jam. I made this a few cooks ago with my own 60 hour cold smoked whisky oak bacon. So tasty! Back in the oven.

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

Once the burgers were hitting around 60c on the Thermapen I pulled them out and toasted the buns. These toasted really, really quickly – less than 20 seconds and I caught them just in time! 

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

Next up it was time to melt the cheese, I used the raclette style cheese melter they sent with the cheese. I wasn’t sure if this would get used as I get quite good results on the BBQ melting the cheese with a lid on but I fancied giving it a shot so topped it up with cheese and put it in the Ooni. The handle is wooden so I was a bit worried it might burn!

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

Look at that fire, the Ooni Pro is so cool!

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

The cheese didn’t melt quickly to start with but the next time I looked it was totally melted! I grabbed the handle and poured it over the burger, so easy and great results!

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

My burger sauce (Tomato ketchup, Mayonnaise, Chipotle sauce, Worcestershire sauce and salt), burger on top with bacon jam and melted cheese.

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

More burger sauce on the lid which spilt down as I pushed the lid on. Glorious!

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

Time to Eat:

Oh my goodness, this looked so good. I couldn’t wait to eat it!

Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers


One of my best burgers so far! The Ooni Pro is so easy to light and cook on, I find it quite relaxing! The grizzler pan is fantastic and added a good crust to the burger. I was surprised how good the cheese melting tool was and will be using that again for sure! The cheese was fantastic, such a nice taste from the mature cheddar which was enhanced further from the smoke taste and flavour. Bacon jam is always a winner and making it with a strong, smokey bacon like this adds a great layer of flavour.

Overall, a quick and easy cook. First time doing burgers on the Ooni Pro but I will definitely do it again. The cheese was so tasty, I will buy that one in future!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Quick: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Ooni Pro
Cook Method: Grizzler pan
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Orange
Smoking Wood: Oak
Cook temperature: Over 500c
Cook time: 6-8 Minutes
Internal temperature: 60C Thermapen
Notes: 1: Watch the buns when toasting!
2: Watch the cheese when melting!
I have seen Snowdonia Cheese in various farm shops, deli’s and cafes but you can buy it directly from them on their website or from Amazon:


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7 thoughts on “158/18: Ooni Pro Cheeseburgers

    1. Thanks Scott, that little cheese melting tool was fantastic! Great sear on the burgers from cooking at 550c too!

  1. Stunning looking burger, looking forward to the updated bacon guide now the weather is cooling off. 60hrs on oak sounds amazing.

    1. Thanks Matt, really enjoyed it! Just got some bacon on the go at the moment so will get the updated bacon guide sorted soon!

  2. Stunning looking burger, can’t wait for the updated bacon guide now the nights are getting cooler so I can recreate this.

    1. In the Ooni Pro you can use charcoal and wood, gas or pellets. I light charcoal to create a base then add wood on top, easier to light the wood that way!

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