Bacon Triple Cheese

141/18: Triple Chilli Cheeseburger

141/18 – Triple Chilli Cheeseburger:

The Snowdonia Cheese Company got in touch recently to ask if I would be interested in developing some burger recipes using their range of cheese. Having enjoyed a few of their fantastic cheeses before I really fancied trying more of the range. First up was the Red Devil cheese which is a Red Leicester with Chillies and Cracked Pepper. With the chilli in the cheese and being a fan of spicy food I decided on a Triple Chilli Cheeseburger.

The different cheeses I asked for were: Red Devil, Red Storm (Vintage Red Leicester), Green Thunder (Mature Cheddar with Garlic & Herbs), Beechwood (Smoked Mature Cheddar) and Black Bomber (Extra Mature Cheddar). 

Bacon Triple Cheese

I have cooked with the Amber Mist before which is a Cheddar mixed with smokey, peaty whisky. I cooked it in the DJ BBQ Tomato Pie and it was incredible, so tasty!

070/18: Tomato Pie

The Prep:

Early in the morning I made the burger bun dough from the Byron book. From all the burger bun recipes I have made, this one is the best one as it’s both tasty but also substantial enough to hold the burger and condiments without falling apart.

I was really happy with how the buns came out, I think they were my best ones yet.
Bacon Triple Cheese

The Fire:

I bought some new charcoal to test. This is Oak Lumpwood from Resilient Woodlands. Each bag is 3KG in weight and I ordered 2x Oak, 2x Alder and 2x Mixed Hardwood. All in it cost £64 delivered.

Bacon Triple Cheese

This is the whole bag poured into a full size gastronorm pan. The level was above the top of the pan, I should have taken a side on shot to show that. The lumps were big and the charcoal was shiny and clean. How can charcoal be clean? How many bags of imported and/or cheap charcoal have you bought where each bit is covered in dust? For me, the sign of a good charcoal is when it’s shiny like the stuff below. There were a few smaller bits in the bag where it may have taken a whack in transit but overall the lump size was very good.

Bacon Triple Cheese

From the tray above I filled my new Kamado Joe fire basket and used the rest in a chimney starter lit with 2 flamers underneath:

The charcoal lit easily, it was quite smokey for the first minute or so then it calmed down. Once it was fully lit I poured it into my Weber kettle.

Bacon Triple Cheese

The Ingredients:

Green chillies from cooks&co, Sauce Shop Smoky Chipotle Ketchup (£6.60 from Turner and George) plus the Red Devil cheese from Snowdonia Cheese Company.

Bacon Triple Cheese

Another key ingredient was the burger and for this cook I chose Black Label burgers from Turner and George. A secret mix of cuts with added bone marrow – 4x180g for £7.92.  The one on the right is a bit crushed where we vac packed and froze them. No major damage though!Bacon Triple Cheese

I cut through the waxed rind then sliced the cheese. I ate a couple of slices to taste it and really enjoyed it. The chilli was a nice touch, I can see this cheese being quite popular in my house!

Bacon Triple Cheese

The Cook:

Grill Grates placed upside down and left to warm up. I cleaned these recently so they need to season up a bit, will take a couple of cooks.

You can see my Grill Grates review here:

Review: GrillGrates

Once the Grill Grates were hot I salted the burgers then placed them onto the grill and put the lid on.

Bacon Triple Cheese

After around 3 minutes I salted the tops, flipped them and put the Red Devil cheese on mine. Lid back on to help melt the cheese.

Bacon Triple Cheese

Another three minutes plus the buns were toasted briefly. Nicely melted cheese! Internal temperature of the burger was 60c on the Thermapen.

Bacon Triple Cheese

Glorious! The bun had been topped with the Smoky Chipotle Sauce from Sauce Shop. I tried to keep it as a thin layer so it didn’t spill out of the bun, I should have put a bit more on to cover the bun fully. Balancing act between too much and not enough!

Bacon Triple Cheese

Three green chillies on top. Bun lid smeared with more Smoky Chipotle Sauce then a bamboo stick through the top with another green chilli.

Bacon Triple Cheese


I really enjoyed this burger. The cheese worked really well on it and tasted fantastic with the chilli in. It’s obviously a high quality cheese as I mentioned earlier it has the flaky, crystals in each bite which you don’t get in cheaper supermarket cheese. It melted well on the grill with no added water or a cloche, just 3 slices placed on the burger and grill lid on.

The Smoky Chipotle sauce from Sauce Shop is cracking and works well in this burger. Their sauces are all made by hand, in small batches using quality ingredients. 

The burger was nice and juicy with a great beef taste. Overall, this was a fantastic burger. I will repeat this cook again!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Quick: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Weber Kettle
Cook Method: Grill Grates
Charcoal: Resilient Woodlands Oak
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 6-8 Minutes
Internal temperature: 60C Thermapen
Notes: 1: Add a bit more sauce to the bun!
I have seen Snowdonia Cheese in various farm shops, deli’s and cafes but you can buy it directly from them on their website or from Amazon:



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