'Nduja Pizzas

157/18: ‘Nduja Pizzas

157/18 – ‘Nduja Pizzas:

I was fortunate to visit East Coast Cured recently and was given a tour by Steven the owner. Such an impressive set up and great quality products, I had to buy some to take away with me. Up first was ‘Nduja Pizzas.

'Nduja Pizzas

Caputo Red flour again so all of the ingredients and prep were exactly the same as the last cook:

145/18: Caputo Red Pizzas

The Book:

The dough and sauce recipe is from The Pizza Bible Book:

Ooni Blog:

My new Ooni Blog is now live on this site with all of my notes on there. It’s split out into categories so should be a lot easier to use now. Will be easier for me to update too:

Ooni Blog


Flour: Caputo Red Flour – Second time using this, so impressive the first time.

Yeast: Saf-Levure Dry yeast 

Tomatoes: San Marzano Plum Tomatoes 


6 litre food grade container with lid: I use this to bulk ferment the dough once it’s mixed

Food grade pizza dough trays (x3): I use these to cold proof the dough balls

Wooden Pizza Peel: Stops your pizza sticking when you launch it into the oven, needs minimal flour also. I wish I had bought one of these years ago as it’s a total game changer.

The Dough:

Page 21 onwards in the Pizza Bible, it’s my favourite dough at the moment. Made two days in advance and cold proved as a large ball for 24 hours then split, balled and cold proved for another 24 hours. As with the lat cook the dough came out the fridge when I lit the Ooni Pro so it only sat out for 30 minutes.

The Sauce:

New York – New Jersey Tomato Sauce from The Pizza Bible book. The San Marzano tomatoes, tomato puree, oregano, salt and oil blitzed with a hand blender then hand crushed tomatoes were also added. 

The Fire:

Oxford Charcoal Cherry Lumpwood placed in the tray, 2 flamers underneath, lit and left for 10 minutes.The cherry burnt fast and hot, the Ooni Pro was over 400c just on the charcoal!

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

Two Oak chunks on top of the lit charcoal:

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

The Cook:

I had made a double batch of dough so had two trays, each with 3x 265g dough balls in. I added flour to the tray before I put them in and floured the tops, this helps remove the cling film without tugging the top of the dough balls. The dough didn’t look like it had risen as much as usual, did I put too much hot water in the yeast and kill it?

First pizza for my youngest daughter – Mozzarella and chorizo. The photos look a bit funny this week, my camera is in for repairs so I am using the old camera it replaced!

'Nduja Pizzas

Great leoparding on this pizza, the crust didn’t rise too much and the dough felt quite dense. I am told it was very tasty though!

'Nduja Pizzas

Second Pizza: A repeat of the first pizza but for my eldest daughter this time. Pretty good but doesn’t look as well cooked as the first one, good shape though.

'Nduja Pizzas

I am told this one was good also!

'Nduja Pizzas

Third Pizza: A spare pizza to go in the freezer for the kids, same as the first two. 'Nduja Pizzas

Great leoparding on this one, good shape and looks well cooked.

'Nduja Pizzas

Time for the ‘Nduja.

'Nduja Pizzas

Fourth Pizza: Mozzarella, ‘Nduja, salt, pepper and garlic oil. Looked and smelt awesome! My wife had this pizza and said it was very good, she felt the dough wasn’t quite as good as last time though.

'Nduja Pizzas

The ‘Nduja had softened up and looked fantastic.

'Nduja Pizzas

Fifth pizza: My one so the pressure was on not to burn it! Loads of ‘Nduja and quite thickly cut. 

'Nduja Pizzas

Nice glisten and colour from the rendered ‘Nduja fat.

'Nduja Pizzas

Leftovers: Always a smaller dough ball left which I fill with chocolate spread and cook after we have eaten the pizza as the Ooni Pro is usually down to 250c/300c which is hot enough to cook a calzone without burning it.

'Nduja Pizzas

Oozing chocolate!

'Nduja Pizzas


The ‘Nduja was fantastic, so tasty. Cooking it at a high temperature rendered the fat down which covered the top of the pizza with a spicy oil that tasted tremendous! The dough this time wasn’t as good as last time, I think it was a yeast issue probably from the water being too hot. I will be more careful next time! Still super tasty, just not as good as last time.

Highly recommend the ‘Nduja and looking forward to cooking the other meats I bought on my visit too.


The dough and sauce recipe is from The Pizza Bible book:

If you don’t have an Ooni Pro yet you can buy one here



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