The Rib Man Rib Roll

156/18: The Rib Man Rib Roll

156/18 – The Rib Man Rib Roll:

It’s been a while since I have had a Rib Man Rib Roll and I have tried to cook them myself before and failed, time to try again!

The Meat:

2kg of Pork Breast Ribs from Turner and George – £17.60 – The Rib Man uses babyback ribs which I would have used but I had these in my freezer so thought I would give them a go! The breast ribs are meatier than the babybacks which I didn’t think would be a bad thing.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

The Rub:

Rib Rub from The Ribman online store – £2 per pack.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

The Prep:

Two packs of rib rub sprinkled liberally over all surfaces of the ribs.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

The Kamado Joe was fired up with a full fire basket of Oxford Charcoal Marabu Lumpwood. No deflectors in and once it was at 200C it was time to cook.

The Cook:

Bone side down and just a few minutes to colour the bones and warm things up.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

Once the bones started colouring up the meat was wrapped in loads of tin foil making sure it was wrapped tight then back on the grill. Deflectors in now to protect the meat. Temperature was set to 375f for this stage.

Rib Man

The ribs were rotated and stood up on the bone edge during the cook. After 3 hours cooking I left them to rest for 3 hours and they came out looking like this.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

The bones came out easily and the meat pulled easily by hand. The colour wasn’t quite right so I added another pack of Rib Rub!

The Rib Man Rib Roll

It looked and smelt fantastic!

The Rib Man Rib Roll

White roll from the local bakers, rib meat on top.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

It had to be topped with Holy F**K – £3.75 from The Rib Man online shop.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

I made sure to put plenty on.

The Rib Man Rib Roll

Roll top on, ready to go. It looked awesome!

The Rib Man Rib Roll

Time to Eat:

I was looking forward to eating this!

The Rib Man Rib Roll


I had the idea of cooking this when I cooked the Ko Rican style ribs:

114/18: Ko-Rican Style Ribs

Rather than the usual long, 3-2-1 rib cook the Ko Rican ribs cooked in 2 hours and I remembered Mark cooked his ribs wrapped in foil too.

The rib meat was really tasty, loads of meat on the one rack. The rub and sauce combo was fantastic and although the rolls weren’t as good as Mark’s they were really good and dare I say close 😉

Next time I would start the cook earlier and leave them to cook for an extra hour and leave them to rest for longer, maybe as long as 8 hours. I would try babyback ribs and put multiple racks in one foil bundle too. Great to be able to cook ribs so quickly and get such good results from them too.

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe Big Joe
Cook Method: Sear then foiled
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Marabu
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 375F
Cook time: 3 hours then 3 hours rest
Internal temperature: N/A
Notes: 1: Cook for an hour extra
2: Rest for longer, maybe 8 hours?
3: Try babybacks.
4: Cook multiple racks in one foil bundle.



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3 thoughts on “156/18: The Rib Man Rib Roll

  1. Hi. I really like the look of this but have a question. On the prep you say no deflectors, but on the second pic with the wrapped ribs it looked like you’ve got the deflectors in. Can you confirm if these go in for the wrapped stage and what cooking temp we should be looking at for this stage please.


    1. Hi Ade, apologies. I have updated the page now. No deflectors when lightly grilling the ribs then deflectors in when they are wrapped in foil. I have tried foil wrapped over direct heat before and it burns the meat.
      375f for the foil stage (added to the post as well).
      Hope this helps, shout if you have any more questions.

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