Halloumi Burger

155/18: Halloumi Burger

155/18: Halloumi Burger

Last month I cooked the DJ BBQ Goat Burgers which includes Halloumi and back in April I cooked another DJ BBQ recipe the Grilled Halloumi Buger. When I cooked the goat burgers Stephen from Fire and Q (https://www.instagram.com/fire.and.q/) got in touch to say that I should try mature halloumi as it’s much better than the standard stuff. Fast forward a little bit and Stephen got in touch again to say he had just come back with some that was made by his grandmother and she only makes it a few times a year when you can get good milk. I had to try some!

These were the previous halloumi cooks:

125/18: DJ BBQ Goat Burgers

066/18: Grilled Halloumi Burger

This recipe is from Fire Food by DJ BBQ:

The Prep:

The Thuros was fired up with a couple of handfuls of Oxford Charcoal Orange Lumpwood and a couple of flamers:

Halloumi Burger

I mixed Sumac, Cayenne Pepper and Paprika together then sliced the halloumi block in half, drizzled olive oil on both sides and covered one block with the seasoning mix. The other half of the cheese was for my daughter so I kept it plain.

The Cook:

Halloumi on to the grill.

Halloumi Burger

Couple of minutes then flipped over.

Halloumi Burger

I mashed some avocado with lime juice and placed it onto the bottom of a lightly grilled bun. Halloumi on top followed by rocket, sliced tomato, mint and a good drizzle of pomegranate molasses.  Halloumi Burger


Such an easy dish to prepare and cook but so tasty! The halloumi was awesome, what a difference to the stuff you buy in the supermarket. The taste and texture was totally different and better on every level. It tasted like it had been brined in lemon and mint and was so good, really enjoyed it!

Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Thuros T1
Cook Method: Direct
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Orange
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 5 minutes
Internal temperature: N/A
Notes: No real changes.

The recipe is from Fire Food by DJ BBQ:



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