Kid Biryani

154/18: Kid Biryani

154/18 – Kid Biryani:

I have cooked some great dishes from the cookbook Goat by James Whetlor recently and with just 1 bag of goat meat left the last dish I wanted to cook was Kid Biryani.

The recipe is from Goat – Cooking and Eating by James Whetlor:

These were the last five goat cooks from this book:

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087/18: Tuna Burger in Rice Buns

087/18: Tuna Burger in Rice Buns

087/18: Tuna Burger in Rice Buns


Some folk get a bit funny when you mention goat meat, maybe because it’s not something a lot of us have grown up eating but it has gotten more popular in the UK over the past couple of years mainly due to James and his work. If you like lamb then goat is similar, a bit sweeter but a great quality bit of meat. 

In a previous cook I went into more detail on goat meat, rather than repeat it all here have a read of that post:


600g of diced goat meat. I split down a 2KG bag into 1x800g and 2x600g.

You can buy goat meat direct from Cabrito – 1KG of diced goat is £15. Free delivery when you spend £60 so add in a few different cuts to go over £60.

Otherwise, Turner and George sell Cabrito goat meat they don’t have diced goat on the site but I bet they can sort some for you as part of a larger order.

James was kind enough to send me a box of Goat meat to cook which is exciting as I had bought his book a little while ago and had been meaning to start cooking recipes from it.

If you wanted to cook a variety of cuts I would recommend the half goat at £120 from Cabrito it arrives in 3 parts: Shoulder, middle and leg. I bought one last year and used it as an opportunity to practice a bit of home butchery.

The Prep:

In a bowl I mixed yoghurt, garam masala, curry powder, garlic, salt and the diced goat meat. I mixed everything together then left it for an hour to marinate.

Kid Biryani

Next I fried some onions in a pan for 15 minutes. 

Kid Biryani

In a saucepan I fried cinnamon sticks, cloves, bay leaves and cumin seeds in butter before adding turmeric, rice, hot water and salt. Once the water was absorbed I took it off the heat and added some milk.

Kid Biryani

I managed to use quite a few ingredients from Steenbergs for this cook: Madras curry powder, cumin seeds, cloves, Garam masala and cinnamon sticks. I was using the Madras curry powder and cloves for the first time. The cloves smelt incredible, big fat cloves, lovely colour and a strong smell. They were so good I threw my old cloves away! (£2.60 for 35g)The Madras curry powder also had a nice smell from the mix of cloves, cardamom, cumin, chilli, fenugreek, pepper and ginger. After a sniff of the jar I imagined a few other cooks it would work well with in future! (£2.60 for 50g)


I forgot to take a photo of the Turmeric in the photo above so here is an older photo showing supermarket turmeric on the left and Steenbergs turmeric on the right. The supermarket stuff smelt a bit like paper whilst the Steenbergs turmeric smelt like freshly juiced turmeric. Lovely! 


The Cook:

I could have quite easily cooked this in the oven but I chose to cook it in the Kamado Joe Big Joe. One of the great things about the KJ is the fact that it sits at a temperature for hours without any intervention. I fired up a firebox of Oxford Charcoal Marabu and left it half an hour to settle at 180c.

In a cast iron casserole dish I added the onion and meat mixture.

Kid Biryani

Then topped it up with the rice mixture.

Kid Biryani

And scattered butter on top.

Kid Biryani

Lid on and in the KJ for an hour.

Kid Biryani

After an hour it looked like this. It smelt amazing!

Kid Biryani

On top went toasted almonds, sliced chilli and chopped coriander.

Kid Biryani

Time to Eat:

I spooned a portion out into a smaller bowl.

Kid Biryani


Kid Biryani


Another awesome dish from this book, super tasty and we really enjoyed it. Great blend of spices in the dish which all worked well together. I could tell the Steenbergs ingredients lifted the dish a bit, I am going to have to restock my whole spice cupboard from their shop!

Cook Difficulty: 3/5 
Cook Duration: Medium: 3/5
Cook Equipment: Kamado Joe Big Joe
Cook Method: Indirect
Charcoal: Oxford Charcoal Marabu
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: 180c
Cook time: 1 hour
Internal temperature: N/A
Notes: No real changes.

The recipe is from Goat – Cooking and Eating by James Whetlor:




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2 thoughts on “154/18: Kid Biryani

  1. Always meant to ask – caserole dish with lid on in the Kamado Joe – does the smoke/charcoal flavour still get in the dish?
    Is there a big difference between Kamado and kitchen oven??

    1. With the lid on I don’t think you will get any smoke/charcoal flavour in there. I quite like using that dish in the Kamado as the heat is underneath whereas my oven the heat is above. In the KJ you then get it cooked from the bottom up, seems to taste better that way?
      Big stuff I prefer to cook outside as otherwise I might be blocking the oven for the kids having something different. Plus, I work on a computer all day. Nice to be outside!

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