Burger Pizza

129/18: Burger Pizza

129/18 – Burger Pizza:

A couple of weeks back Ooni posted a picture of a Burger Pizza on Instagram. Such a great idea I had to replicate it!

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows I am a big fan of burgers and have slowly been tweaking my cooks to try and get my perfect burger. 

Click the picture to see all my burger cooks:


The Book:

The dough and sauce recipe is from The Pizza Bible Book:


Ooni Blog:

My new Ooni Blog is now live on this site with all of my notes on there. It’s split out into categories so should be a lot easier to use now. Will be easier for me to update too:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs


Flour: Molino Grassi 00 flour 

Yeast: Saf-Levure Dry yeast 

Tomatoes: San Marzano Plum Tomatoes 


6 litre food grade container with lid: I use this to bulk ferment the dough once it’s mixed

Food grade pizza dough trays (x3): I use these to cold proof the dough balls

The Dough:

Page 21 onwards in the Pizza Bible, it’s my favourite dough at the moment. Made two days in advance and cold proved as a large ball for 24 hours then split, balled and cold proved for another 24 hours. Left to warm up two hours before the cook started.

The Sauce:

New York – New Jersey Tomato Sauce from The Pizza Bible book. The San Marzano tomatoes, tomato puree, oregano, salt and oil blitzed with a hand blender then hand crushed tomatoes were also added.

The Meat:

Turner and George Black Label Burgers – 4x180g for £7.20. A secret blend of cuts plus bone marrow!

Bacon Cheeseburger

I last used these burgers in this cook:

101/18: Turner and George Bacon Cheeseburgers

The Sauce:

I made my usual burger sauce to go on top of the pizza: Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Worcestershire Sauce, Chipotle Tabasco and Maldon Sea Salt.

Bacon Jam:

The bacon jam was a leftover from this cook:

BBQ38/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers #2

The recipe was from the book Pornburger – Bacon (my own cured and 60 hour smoked bacon!) slowly cooked in a cast iron pan then added to onions, garlic, black vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, HP Sauce, maple syrup, Dijon mustard, Maldon sea salt and black pepper. Once it was thick and syrupy I blitzed it in the food processor. PB&J

And spooned it into jars.


I did have a quick taste, crikey it was good!


The Fire:

Oxford Charcoal Oak Lumpwood placed in the tray, 2 flamers underneath, lit and left for 10 minutes.

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

Two Oak chunks on top of the lit charcoal:

Ooni Pro - Greek Pizza

The Cook:

I had made a double batch of dough so had two trays, each with 3x dough balls in. I did remember to flour the tray before I put them in and flour the tops before I put cling film on this time so the cling film came off easier and the dough balls came out easier. Must remember to do that each time!

Burger Pizza

First pizza wasn’t a burger one, it was a simple cheese and chorizo pizza for the kids. It took a while to cook so I think I started cooking too soon, must remember to leave the oven longer to warm up fully in future.

Burger Pizza

Another cheese and chorizo.

Burger Pizza

Burger time, number 1: The cheese was cheese squares for burgers which was chopped into 9 equal sized squares, worked pretty well. I tried the burger meat as small balls which I pushed down a bit flatter. I think they were a bit too big, they did cook ok (checked internal temperature on the Thermapen) but decided to use smaller, flat lumps on the next one. A few gherkins on top and a squizz of the burger sauce. The darker bits on the picture are my bacon jam. 

Burger Pizza

Not bad for a first attempt.

Burger Pizza

Burger pizza number 2: Smaller bits of burger meat, more of it and more bacon jam this time. The burger sauce went on better at the end too.

Burger Pizza

Burger pizza number 3: This was my one, the pressure was on. Don’t burn it! Even smaller bits of burger meat and even more bacon jam! I did well with the burger sauce on this one.

Burger Pizza

Topped with garlic oil, salt and pepper.

Burger Pizza

Burger pizza number 4: Last one and a spare to go in the freezer. Similar to the last one.

Burger Pizza

Very nice!

Burger Pizza


A Burger pizza is such a good idea, glad that Ooni posted that! The pizza was one of my favourites so far. The cheese had melted well, the burger meat tasted awesome, the bacon jam was so, so rich and had a lovely smokey taste from the cold smoking. The burger sauce worked well on top and dressing the pizza with garlic oil, salt and pepper only enhanced the flavour. I would make these again for sure!

The pizza dough was so easy to work with again, I can’t see me moving away from this dough recipe for a while. If you have the Pizza Bible book have a look at page 21 onwards. If you don’t have the book then buy it and try it!


The dough and sauce recipe is from The Pizza Bible book:

The Ooni Pro Pizza Oven:

Available on Amazon for £499.



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