ProQ Afterburner

Review: ProQ Afterburner

Review – ProQ Afterburner:

Another bit of kit I have had for a few years now so it’s time for Review – ProQ Afterburner.

What is it?

It’s a circular sear grate designed to sit on top of your chimney starter so you can cook a steak or other smaller cuts of meat directly on top of the chimney starter!

ProQ Afterburner

The grill is made from high quality stainless steel, is 170mm in diameter, 3mm thick and weighs 600g.

How do you use it?

Fire up your chimney starter as normal and place the Afterburner grill directly on top of the chimney.

You can use the ProQ chimney starter

ProQ Afterburner

Or the Weber one.

ProQ Afterburner

Cooking on it:

Once the chimney is lit and all the charcoal is fully lit give the Afterburner Grill 5 minutes to get up to maximum temperature then place your meat directly onto the grill surface.

ProQ Afterburner

Give it a couple of minutes then flip it over.

ProQ Afterburner

After another couple of minutes check the internal temperature with a Thermapen and when it’s ready take it off. 

ProQ Afterburner

I only have two cooks with this on the blog but I have used it loads of times, I will need to get it used again soon and write up another blog post!

BBQ22/17: Afterburner Rib Eye Steaks

BBQ116/17: Venison Haunch


Clean it with a scourer in warm soapy water then dry it and coat with oil.

Where to buy:

Mine was a Christmas present one year but I believe it was from Amazon:



The ProQ Afterburner grill is a quality bit of kit sold at a reasonable price. The ability to cook something quickly and easily in a small space on top of a chimney starter is a great idea. With good quality charcoal the grill is ready to cook on quite quickly and gets incredibly hot which provides a good sear on the meat.
I use this most when I am cooking for myself as it’s a lot easier to just fire up the chimney and get cooking. Writing this post has reminded me I should cook on it more often!



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