BBQ38/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers #2

BBQ38/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers #2:

Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers: 38 BBQ’s in 2017 and I think this is my first repeat cook for the year which is good going! I really fancied a burger and I knew I had 2 of the Farmison Dexter and Bone Marrow Half Pounders in the freezer so lined up some more Insanity Burgers!

Looking at my notes from the last time I cooked these: BBQ32/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Burgers 

Note 1: I put too much burger sauce on the base last time and it was overflowing – Put less on in future.

I did put less on but I also chopped the lettuce up far smaller so it was easier to contain on the bun.


Note 2: The bacon was burnt – Try the Byron method next time.

I used the Byron bacon method (15 minutes in the oven!) and it came out perfectly.


Note 3: More cheese, melt it more – The cheese didn’t melt too well last time.

Different approach, I read the Meat Liquor book which advised to use a single square slice of cheese so I did that and it melted far better.


Note 4: I didn’t have many gherkins last time – Buy more next time!

We had loads of gherkins this time.

Note 5: The burgers were hard to keep together once built – Buy some spikes to hold them.

I got some from ebay, they worked really well. Maybe a bit big but I snapped the ends off!


Note 6: I thought the recipe might work better with smaller, quarter pounder burgers. 

I split one burger and reformed it as 2x quarter pounders for my wife and daughter to share. It did look the better burger but it got a good crust during the cook too.


Note 7: I overcooked the burger last time – Use the iGrill next time.

I didn’t actually use it this time either and did cook it a little bit more than planned but it was better than last time. Very, very juicy burger but I will cook it less next time!


The picture below is during the cook with the mustard and chipotle tabasco on:


As with the previous cook I butter the cut side of the Pretzel buns (Hang Fire recipe) and toasted them on the grill and once the burgers were assembled I put them back on the grill for a minute to warm through, works well!

These were my best burgers so far. I would keep all the changes this time around and make a few more changes next time:

  • Tomato ketchup on the bun lid ran down this time. Put less on and spread it before putting the lid on.
  • Try a pair of quarter pounder burgers in one burger. The crust on the smaller burger reminded me of a Bleeker burger.
  • Bigger gherkins (longer) – Bought these already!


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