BBQ32/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers

BBQ32/17: Dexter and Bone Marrow Insanity Burgers:

When Farmison got the last lot of “Old Cow” back in stock I fancied some burgers as well and saw the “Dexter and Bone Marrow Half Pound burgers” they had as a special release – Sold!

The burgers were big,hefty beasts and you could really smell the aged beef and the bone marrow. They looked and smelt great, I couldn’t wait to cook them!

About 18 months ago @Graboid456 kept doing some awesome looking burgers and shared the recipe with me which is “Insanity Burgers” by Jamie Oliver. I have cooked them a few times previously and I haven’t found a better burger recipe/method yet, they are a close match to some of the top burgers you can get down South.

I usually use Brioche burger buns from M&S/Tesco/Aldi when I cook burgers but we enjoyed the Hang Fire pretzel buns so much with the pastrami that I wanted to make them again and try them with burgers. I had malt extract this time and I think the buns came out even better than last time:

Insanity Burgers

Insanity Burgers

I gave the burgers a good sprinkling of Maldon sea salt and some freshly cracked black pepper then set the grill up with some whisky oak chunks from Smokewood Shack. I used my Grill Grates but flipped them over to use them as a griddle. The bacon was some of my own Whisky Oak smoked streaky bacon which smelt great.

Insanity Burgers

One of the things that really makes these burgers great is the addition of American Mustard and Chipotle Tabasco as you grill them which forms a great crust on the burger. A pair of additions I have added to the method over time are:

  • To butter the cuts sides of the bun before toasting it on the griddle.
  • Putting the built burgers back on the grill for a minute to warm everything back up.

The burger below had no cheese and no mayo in the burger sauce (as requested!) – the red onions are lightly pickled in white wine vinegar then have a bit of sea salt added, they are really nice and I usually eat a load before serving up!

Insanity Burgers

The burger on the right has cheese and the full burger sauce on the base. The cheese is an extra mature cheddar which I cold smoked over whisky oak. I always put too much burger sauce on but this also tastes great and this time it overflowed a fair bit once the burger was built. I will try to hold back next time and put less on! I was short on gherkins which is why it looks a bit lacking!

Insanity Burgers

I made Byron seasoned fries again to have with these burgers and I got a bit distracted when cooking them which meant I overcooked the burgers a bit. I was aiming for medium to have some pink burgers when cut in half but I was about 10 degrees over so they were way over what I was aiming for. However, they still tasted fantastic! I have another 2 to cook so I will use the iGrill next time to monitor the temperatures and alert me in case I miss it!

Insanity Burgers

Really enjoyed the burgers. The meat was fantastic with a strong, deep beefy flavour. The buns worked really well and could become a firm favourite in our house! The burger recipe is great, still not found a better recipe/method.

Changes next time:

  • The bacon burnt quite easily, try the Byron bacon method next time.
  • More cheese, melt it more!
  • Make sure to have gherkins available!
  • Use the iGrill to monitor temperatures and don’t overcook the burgers!
  • Put less burger sauce on the bun to save it overflowing.
  • I think this might work better with a smaller burger like a quarter pounder. It was hard to eat!
  • Get some spikes to hold the burger together (Got!)


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