Uuni Pizza

Uuni – A year of Pizza!

Uuni – A year of Pizza!

I bought an Uuni 2s back in September 2016 to upgrade from the Weber Pizza Oven attachment. I have used the Uuni a fair bit and I kept meaning to write up each Pizza cook as I have done with my BBQ cooks but for whatever reason I never managed to fit it in. This post is going to be the summary of a years worth of pizza cooks (and more!) on the Uuni!

What I have been keeping on top of is a list of hints and tips for using the Uuni and making/cooking the pizzas, I keep adding to it any time I discover a small tweak to improve the pizzas:

Uuni – A year of Pizza!

(If anyone has any tips to share please message me on twitter @kungfubbbq or leave a comment below!)

Looking back through my photo archive I can count 21 cooks on the Uuni this year:

  • 3 cast iron cooks
  • 2 flat bread cooks
  • 16 pizza sessions

The list below is in date order and does (hopefully!) show a gradual improvement in the quality of pizza I have been able to create!


First Uuni cook of the year and it looks like pulled pork. The Pizza isn’t a great shape but it has either risen quite well or wasn’t stretched enough. Not a lot of sauce or cheese visible. The pulled pork is a bit charred. Not a bad effort but room for improvement!

Uuni Pizza


2nd pizza cook of the year, looks like pulled pork again. A bit more cheese visible, sauce not spread out far enough. Pizza is a better shape and looks to have been stretched better but it’s a bit charred. Onions not cooked enough.

Uuni Pizza

Base showing some promising signs, bit burnt but on the right path!Uuni Pizza


This looks much better than the last two. Pulled pork again but the base is a better shape, better spread of sauce and cheese. Topping probably needed split/spread better but the onions have crisped up better. Slight char on one end of the base.

Uuni Pizza

The base looks more “bread” baked than risen and cooked though.Uuni Pizza


Some real signs of improvement here, the base is a good shape but looks to have risen and crisped during the cook. The cheese is melted and there are a few bubbles on the surface of the pizza. Pulled pork is a bit charred though.

Uuni Pizza

Bit of fun for easter! I can’t remember what the sauce was but it was a sweet sauce, maybe raspberry and the white sauce was mascarpone with creme eggs and mint on top! Very tasty and good fun.Uuni Pizza


My daughter made this one! Pizza’s on the Uuni are great to get the kids involved as they love putting the toppings on. The cheese has melted and bubbled pretty well on this, grated cheese works best I find.

Uuni Pizza

This was my one, Nduja paste and chilli’s – Looks really good! Bit over done on the edges but nice shape, raised edges and a bit of bubbling on the sauce.Uuni Pizza


This looks pretty cool. Stuffed olives and onions. The shape of the pizza is good, crust looks pretty good, cheese melted well, sauce covered well. Definitely progress.

Uuni Pizza


Flatbreads to go with this:

BBQ39/17: Pork Souvlaki and Flatbreads

The flatbreads look great, I remember them tasting great too!

Uuni Pizza


The leaves look like chard or kale so it must be my wife’s pizza! The shape is good, bubbling, good colour on the crust – progress again!

Uuni Pizza

This one looks better than the last one too.Uuni Pizza

And the base had been cooked pretty well, nice colouring.Uuni Pizza


More flatbreads, this time for this recipe:

BBQ47/17: Lamb Shish Kebabs

The flatbreads look a bit crisper this time, probably didn’t cover them properly once cooked so they firmed up.

Uuni Pizza


England must have been playing Scotland so my wife made a haggis, neeps and tattie pizza whilst I tried to make mine look like the England flag!

Some good bubbles on the Scottish pizza but the base hasn’t risen too well.

Uuni Pizza

The base looks good on this one, risen well, good colour and the topping looks good too. I stretched this by hand rather than with a rolling pin which made a difference and is how I make most of mine now.Uuni Pizza


More pulled pork! I think this must have been one of the kids pizzas as it’s pretty small. Dough doesn’t look the best, I think this was the point we started taking the temperature of the water before adding the yeast.

Uuni Pizza

A Rhubarb and custard pizza!Uuni Pizza


What a great crust on this one, plus the cheese has melted really well too!

Uuni Pizza

This one is slightly square, not sure why but the cheese and sauce looks good. Crust is ok.Uuni Pizza


These were cooked in my new BBQ Hut so I know I was now using Italian 00 flour, french yeast and Italian tomatoes. These pizzas look really good, progress from the start of the year!

Uuni Pizza

The base looks great, the crust has risen and has a good colour.Uuni Pizza

I love this shot with the bubbles of cheese!Uuni Pizza


Pretty good effort here, different toppings. Base maybe not as good as the last cook but still ok.

Uuni Pizza

I like the look of the crust, needs a bit more colour on it.Uuni Pizza


Some great Nduja from East Coast Cured on these pizzas, really tasty!

Uuni Pizza


This was brilliant, my first cast iron cook in the Uuni and one of my favourite dishes this year!

Uuni – Hints and Tips


The base took a bit too much heat on this one but overall it’s pretty good. Some decent colour on the other edges and a nice bubble on the right!Uuni Pizza


My 2nd cast iron cook and another great dish:

BBQ120/17: Uuni Rib Eye Steak


3rd cast iron cook and another good one!

BBQ127/17: Wild Boar Cider and Apple Sausages


This one looks great, really happy with it! Nice raised crust with some good colour. Cheese and sauce melted well and a slight char to the meat.

Uuni Pizza


Some really good Uuni cooks over the year, glad I finally got to write them up. Not a lot of detail in the posts as the majority of all my tweaks and tips are in the Uuni page linked at the top of this post. I think what this post does show is that gradually, with practice my pizzas got better over the year. I am still learning so will continue to try and improve them next year! I will start writing up each Uuni cook in the same way I have with my BBQ cooks so I can try and improve them further.

I have had a lot of fun cooking on the Uuni and have learnt a lot as the year went on, still plenty to learn but that’s what makes it fun! The quality of pizza you can cook without a lot of effort is incredible.

For £200 I cannot recommend the Uuni pizza oven enough though, treat yourself and enjoy it! You can buy the Uuni 3 here.


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