Racked Pork Sirloin with the best Roast Potatoes

Racked Pork Sirloin:

Turner and George accidentally sent me a Racked Pork Sirloin with my order. I hadn’t cooked one before so wasn’t sure the best way to do it but they have a recipe to oven cook it and I just adapted that.

The joint was 1.2kg and I just sprinkled some Maldon Sea Salt on it, fired up the bbq and cooked it indirect for about half an hour.

I did move it for a blast of direct heat near the end but it flared up violently and burnt the fat a bit so I wouldn’t do that again! During the cook I chucked in a few chunks of Apple and Cherry wood, both work great with Pork and the Cherry adds a nice colour to the meat too.

I didn’t get a great shot of it, this is the best one but you will see in the next photo how juicy the meat was and a bit of pink from the wood chunk smoke. I will order this cut in future, really enjoyed it!

Now then, the potatoes! I followed the Serious Eats recipe by Kenji: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/12/the-best-roast-potatoes-ever-recipe.html 

The flavoured oil you create at the start was a revelation to me, great recipe! I tend to cook them directly for 10 minutes, move them to indirect for 10 minutes then flip the potatoes and move them back to direct heat for 10 minutes and back to indirect for another 10 minutes. If you leave them on direct heat too long they will just burn. Great crispy roast potatoes!

I have tried them under the rotisserie and it doesn’t work as well, they really benefit from a good blast of direct heat to get them crispy. They are more like mini jacket potatoes if you do them under the rotisserie.


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