My First Fatty! – Grillstock Recipe

My First Fatty:

A Fatty you say? What’s that?

Pork, wrapped in Pork! Or more specifically, Sausage meat wrapped in bacon – Outstanding!

First step: I took some of my home cured, maple cured / maple smoked streaky bacon and created the weave. This took me a while to work out but eventually my brain kicked into life!

I then laid out the sausage meat over the bacon leaving a gap at the edges and filled it with some chopped Piquante peppers (in a jar from the supermarket) then rolled it into a cylinder

Next I applied the rub all over. I made this on New Years Eve so had made extra “Slow Pork Rub” for the pulled pork from the Reds True BBQ recipe and applied it with my rub sprinkler (Shaker Stainless Steel, Large holes from GlobalFSE) 

The recipe says to cook indirectly for an hour at 150c. I put it in the smoker with the pork butts at 225f and it took a shade over 2 hours. The colour was great, I would use the same rub recipe next time.

Really easy to make, great taste and a good thing to put in the smoker when you are slow cooking something else. 


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