Louisiana Creole Pork Steak

Louisiana Creole Pork Steak (+Others!)

Louisiana Creole Pork Steak (+Others!):

Working my way through the White Meat cookbook which has some cracking looking recipes in. Next up was Louisiana Creole Pork Steak with Dirty rice and lime creme fraiche.

This recipe is from the White Meat cookbook:

I didn’t take many photos of this one as it was a bit of a rush!

The rice was cooked first and in another pan onion, garlic, pork mince, black pepper, cayenne, thyme, celery, green pepper and parsley were fried then the rice was added to the mix.

The pork was sprinkled with the rub: Salt, garlic, smoked paprika, oregano, cayenne pepper, thyme, black pepper and black onion seeds. A full chimney of charcoal went into the Napoleon Pro with my big Petromax griddle pan left to heat up before adding the pork for about 1 minute per side.

Served with the dirt rice and lime creme fraiche (lime juice, zest, creme fraiche, salt and pepper).

Louisiana Creole Pork Steak

The colours on this dish were fantastic!

Louisiana Creole Pork Steak


What a great meal, quick and easy to prep and cook which was handy for midweek. Having meat with a side dish of meat was a bonus too! Definitely recommend this one.
Cook Difficulty: 2/5 
Cook Duration: Short: 2/5
Cook Equipment: Napoleon Pro 22
Cook Method: Griddle pan
Charcoal: Stag Charcoal Mixed Hardwood
Smoking Wood: N/A
Cook temperature: Hot
Cook time: 2 minutes 
Internal temperature: 65°C
Notes: No major changes

Also cooked this week:

Chicken Tikka with Slaw and Rajma:

Another big cook from the Dishoom cookbook and this was a belter! The chicken is marinaded in white wine vinegar rather than yoghurt and it was so soft and tender. Definitely do this again.

Chicken Tikka / slaw / rajma Chicken Tikka / slaw / rajma Chicken Tikka / slaw / rajma

Served with the Rajma and Slaw, both of which were fantastic also.

Chicken Tikka / slaw / rajma

What a great meal, loving the Dishoom cookbook!

This recipe is from the White Meat cookbook:

Thrice cooked pork loin / Bone Marrow cauliflower cheese / Spiced red cabbage and fennel with ginger wine:

It’s cold, time to start cooking Sunday roast again. A book I have neglected for a while is Low and Slow by Neil Rankin, all the dishes were from that book.

When I saw a recipe for Bone Marrow Cauliflower Cheese that had to make it on the list!

Thrice cooked pork loin

Spiced red cabbage and fennel with ginger wine:

Thrice cooked pork loin

Some potatoes in butter and thyme:

Thrice cooked pork loin

The thrice cooked pork loin:

Thrice cooked pork loin


Thrice cooked pork loin

This was such a great meal, really enjoyed it.

Thrice cooked pork loin

I will be cooking more from this book for sure, this was a cracking meal!

This recipe is from the Low and Slow cookbook by Neil Rankin:

Duchy Charcuterie Pizzas:

I was lucky to be sent a selection of meats from Duchy Charcuterie. I have seen them posting on social media a fair bit and their products look incredible so I was really looking forward to trying them.

Fennel Salami and Spianata:

Duchy Charcuterie

Coppa and Napoli Salami:

Duchy Charcuterie

Nduja (another cook) and Pepperoni:

Duchy Charcuterie

I managed to find some locally made Fior di Latte also:

Duchy Charcuterie


Duchy Charcuterie


Duchy Charcuterie


Duchy Charcuterie


Duchy Charcuterie

A piece of each!

Duchy Charcuterie

I really enjoyed these pizzas, the quality of the meat was outstanding. Everything went down well with the family too, I will be placing an order for more soon.

Another great week of cooking and eating – let’s see what is on the menu next week!



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